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My Beautiful Things by Gemma from Yorkshire mum of 4

This week we have the lovely Gemma shairng her beautiful things. Gemma is a mum of 4 based in Yorkshire, trainee accountant and a parenting and lifestyle blogger. Over to Gemma …


Yorkshire mum of 4


The most beautiful day I ever had

This was probably when we went as a family to Florence. We had to climb about 500 steps up to see the Michaelangelo statue but the views over Florence were breath taking and sharing that view with the family was lovely. We also enjoyed ice cream from one of the stands, were we had a variety of flavours to try, some we hadn’t tried before. I would highly recommend Italy to anyone, especially in August when it is lovely and warm and you can walk up and down both sides of the river and see the statues and scenery.


The most beautiful thing I have ever seen

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is my daughter when she was born. My son I didn’t really see much at first as he was pretty gooey, my first daughter I got whisked straight off to theatre after she was born and my last baby was born in theatre so it was a good while before I saw him so my third child Ruby was beautiful, even with all the crap on her I just remember wrapping my blanket around her and having skin to skin cuddles for ages. Her labour was my best and most relaxing as I spent most of it in the water and didn’t have any drugs.



The most beautiful thing I have ever owned

This was probably my old pink swirl Nokia phone. I am not very materialistic and much prefer practicality over something that costs a lot. Most beautiful things I would buy I would probably be too scared to use or feel guilty wasting money when I have 4 children to buy for. I think once the kids have left home I will buy myself a beautiful Audi, but with 4 kids it isn’t practical at the minute.


The most beautiful song I have ever heard

The most beautiful song I have ever heard ‘It’s oh so quiet’ By Bjork. It isn’t my favourite song in the world however I like the quiet bits and can imagine the whispering and the quiet and then it builds up to a massive noise and its like everyone joins in, kind of like a big band joining in to make music. I like the words as it is all about love and how that sort of hits you in a big loud noise and takes you by suprise.


The most beautiful person I know

This is probably my Gran. She is beautiful inside and out in that she has always had time for me, she has always been there for me, nothing is too much trouble or effort and even at 82 she is just always supportive. I think beauty comes from within and I love a warm heart so much.


The most beautiful thing about me

It is probably my bum if you ask my partner. I am not really a confident person so not sure on my most beautiful thing. It would probably be something like my perseverance and dedication that is beautiful and my passion for things because I do genuinely keep trying and work hard and am dedicated to things.


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