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My dream loft

My dream loft

I would love to convert our loft into a bedroom. Our current bedroom is fine but it’s very small and we share a bathroom without pre-teen kids who hog it for longer these days. It would be rather wonderful to convert our loft space into our bedroom along with an en suite.

It is already boarded and has a couple of windows so the work would not be huge although I am sure a pull-down ladder just would not do!

Converting the loft to our bedroom would also mean our daughter could have out the bedroom and lose her teeny-tiny one. This would be so great for her as she grows. We would then use the tiny bedroom to build the stairs from.

Oh, I have it all planned out.


My dream loft

I even know how I would want it to look!

Here is my grand plan…..

dream loft


The bed

I want a King Size bed, I have never ever had one just a double but oh how I would love the space for a King Size bed.


My dream loft – The blinds

It’s really important for me to sleep in total darkness so black out blinds are an absolute must for me. Have a look at these from RoofBlinds.co.uk


my dream loft

They give a total blackout effect and are beautifully minimalistic too. Just exactly what I would want.


The colour scheme

I want light, bright and white. I like the bedroom to be really serene. Perhaps some silver-grey throws or a powder blue rug but essentially really calm decor. A few house plants would be lovely too.


The walls

I adore exposed brick work or just plain white walls really. Nothing fancy but definitely a lovely big mirror and some large contemporary art on the walls


My dream loft – The furniture

I would like to keep it quite minimal and I love white wood so I think that would be my preference in the room. I would want a lovely comfy armchair up there too so I could really relax.


The flooring in my drem loft

I would really love some dark oak floorboards I think they would be fabulous with underfloor heating too. Found an easy guide for floor heating. It would contrast so nicely with all the white. Have a look at my post on wood flooring trends for more ideas


My dream loft  – The vibe

I want this to be a room I can totally relax in. Our space to be and have some piece. We definitely need a music system up there and perhaps even a coffee machine!


So what do you think of my dream loft?

I just need to make it happen!


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