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My Driveway Revamp

I want to show you my driveway revamp ideas

My driveway is not even a work in progress it is (at the moment) simply an idea in progress!


My driveway problems

When it comes to my driveway I have to say I am rather embarrassed. At the moment it is not actually a drive at all but patchy, worn grass covered in dandelions and just begging for a driveway makeover.

We do need one.

We live on a street where almost everyone has two cars and people seem to have a lot of visitors. We also have 2 cars and whilst one can fit on the narrow bit of concrete near our front lawn our other car has to park on the road. If we don’t time things right we end up having to park halfway down the street. This is no joke if it’s raining and I have the kids with me and shopping and aggghh. I do find it frustrating.

My OH get’s even more frustrated than me and it sets him moaning for hours. No one needs that!


Resin driveway


Additional benefits

I know a driveway adds value at home as parking is a premium so when it comes to selling our house there would be a real benefit to being able to offer off the road parking, A survey by According to a study conducted by online parking marketplace YourParkingSpace.co.uk, suggested it could add 10% to the value of a property.  That’s pretty fantastic really, isn’t it?

Everyone wants to be able to park at their own home don’t they and everyone want to add value to their property. having a driveway is a win-win.


Resin Driveways

I have been looking at resin driveway cost as I love this style. It looks so smart and stylish and would really improve the look of our home entrance home as well give us the car parking space we need.



Do you have a driveway? Do you find it benefits your life.


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