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Dietbon Diet Review – ready-made meals

My dietbon diet review – come and have a read about how I got on …


It has been so interesting to review Dietbon’s diet ready-made meals

I have been on a healthy eating plan since Christmas and until last week I had lost 1 stone and 9lb. I have a fair bit of weight to lose and was pleased with how this was going but pretty bored I have to admit! I was so ready to try something new.

Dietbon is a new diet delivery service consisting of 100% natural meals  It has successfully launched France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, Dietbon is now here in the UK

The Dietbon plan consists of a gourmet, calorie-controlled home delivery service, with 4 meals a day, for 6 days a week. The sim is for customers to lose weight without feeling hungry or frustrated. The recipes a have all been designed by 2 star michelin chef with  quality and tate at the heart.

Dietbon provide support in the form of telephone consultations and online meetings from a team of dieticians.

Customers tend to lose up to a healthy 2 pounds a week.


My dietbon diet review


Dietbon Diet Review – ready-made meals

I am a vegetarian so my choices were limited to these but there was still an impressive amount of variety to pick from.  This is the food I received from Dietbon which I was able to choose from a diverse selection on their Dietbon website. :


Dietbon Diet Review –  Breakfast

Pancakes, to which I added my own fat-free yoghurt and fruit  (I had this each day though other breakfast options are available)



Dietbon Diet Review – Lunch / dinner

Lentil and Eggplant Dhal in coconut sauce

Curry Carrot Soup with chickpeas and lentils

Green vegetable soup

Vegetarian pasta with vegetables

Wholemeal salad : Bean and lentil salad with pumpkin seeds and vegetables

Wholemeal salad : Wholegrain and tofu salad with balsamic vinegar

Wholemeal salad : Wheat berry with Feta, Tomato and Cucumber

Ravioli stuffed with goat’s cheese pesto with a tomato and tofu sauce

Soy steak with mashed potatoes and pumpkin puree

(some of these I had twice)


I added my own leafy green veg to the above.




Dietbon Diet Review – Snacks

 Mini lemon cakes



 Organic Apple compote 


Dietbon Diet Review –Tea

28 days of Tea Detox Morning & Night (  Vitalize Me to energy and focus // Keep Calm  – to destress and relax)



Costs vary depending on how long you take the food delivery service but started form a very reasonable £44 a week


Dietbon Perks



You can choose the day of your delivery.

I was sent enough food for 6 days because 1 day of each given week on the programme you have a free day where you can eat off plan as long as you keep it healthy (they give great guidelines in the guidebook they send.  I like this ‘day off’ it was Mothers day last Sunday and a huge help that I was off plan for the stay. Dietbon’s guide book also encourages you to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

One of the huge perks of Dietbon’s food delivery is that it does not need to live in the food or freezer but can actually all be kept at room temperature. Our house is pretty small and I have 2 teenagers so my fridge’s always packed. Not having to stuff our fridge with a week’s worth of ready meals was a blessing.

 The meals take just 2 mins to heat in the microwave. This is wonderful for me. Since I have been slimming I have spent huge amounts of time cooking and prepping food. So lovely to have a natural, nutritious and slimming meal waiting for me in 2 minutes with no effort on my part!

The food is absolutely scrumptious. I enjoyed each and every single one of the meals (especially the soy steak and mash!)

I especially enjoyed talking with the dietician on the phone about exercise and food and to have any of my questions answered. I think this is a brilliant part of the programme.



How did I get on with Dietbon Diet review

I lost a very healthy 3.5lb  which I am completely delighted about!

I would definitely do the diet again. I found it so convenient having my food pre-prepared rather than cooking separately to my family because I was on a diet. I also thought the food was delicious. In the past, I have done the Jenny Craig food delivery diet and the quality of the Dietbon meals surpassed JC by miles! 



Would I recommend this diet delivery service?

Absolutely I would and I would very happily do it again.



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