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My favourite winter memories #HomeOrAway

Today – my favourite winter memories

London at Christmas, My favourite winter memories

My favourite winter memories

My favourite winter memories are probably a little bit different to most people as they absolutely do not in any way include snow. Nope. cannot stand the cold stuff ait makes me just ..brrr. Not a fan. So no sledging, snowman or snowball fight memories here from me I am afraid

My favourite winter memories are of trips to London. Each Christmas time we would take the train from Nottingham up to London and go and look at the lights with my dad and my sister. my dad did not often take us places so it always felt very special to take this trip with him.

Every year we would do exactly the same thing. We would go to Hamleys – the best toy shop in the entire world and have a look at all the amazing toys. We didn’t have a lot of money so we would never buy much but it was just being there with dad in exciting London that was amazing.

We would then go on to Trafalgar square to see the huge tree and wonder aloud how many baubles it had on it. Then, later as it got darker the lights would come on all over London and we would be spellbound

London does Christmas so very well. We would be filled to the brim with excitement after our trip to London each winter and it always felt like the start of Christmas for us


carnaby street Christmas



Home or away?

If you wonder about going abroad or staying in the UK at Christmas take a look at Regatta and their Home or Away campaign – they have an interactive map that aims to show the world what the UK has to offer in wintertime, compared to other countries. I think you might well be absolutely amazed at how fabulously well the UK does Winter.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite winter memories – I would absolutely love to hear about yours? Do tell!


My favourite Christmas memories is a collaborative post.


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