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My Home Intentions for 2018 #AYearofInteriors

My Home Intentions for 2018

Flora who writes the blog Love to Home invited me and some wonderful interior bloggers inviting us to join her for a bloggers link up celebrating our home, I will link to the others at the end of this post and I know you will just love them!

The link up is called #AYearOfInteriors and it will go live once a month for the next 12 months. I hope it helps you find some lovely new blogs.



My Home Intentions for 2018

My plans for 2018

I had a lot of plans for this coming year which are no longer possible.

These included moving to a bigger home where I would have an office (rather than a corner of the kitchen) to work at and my pre-teen daughter would have a bedroom that wasn’t a teeny box room.



My current workspace – facing a wall


Sadly, really sadly, and for a variety of personal reasons this move is no longer possible and I need to turn my mind to making the very best of the situation and the home that we currently have.

Okay – time to pull up my big girl pants and make a plan. I can do this.

I have resilience, determination and creativity on my side plus a sprinkling of interior design know-how from the years of writing this blog.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. John Wooden

Okay so let’s start with the things I really need to / want to change. These include a lack of light, L’s bedroom, my office and lack of storage which makes my home often very messy.

In terms of light, my home is gloomy, despite painting it bright white having lots of lamps and a scattering of mirrors it is just not bright enough for me.

My conservatory is old fashioned and poky and I do wonder about getting rid of it and extending the kitchen and having beautiful idols windows at the back that would let in the light. I think the extra light would really make me very happy. We have a really beautiful garden and to be able to see my garden and all the lovely light would just be gorgeous.



Last summer I took my desk to the back conservatory window on occasion and actually I think an extension with a little office area..possibly screened off ..would solve both my light and office issues.

I need to look into this and get some costings.

My daughter’s teeny tiny bedroom cannot be changed right now and I have to accept that. So I need to make it as big as possible;e for her. A good declutter is in order. I need to take the chest of drawers out of her room so she has more room and then a desk with good storage would enable her to have a little place to study in private. Big school looms this year. She needs that space.

I have also been thinking through my lack of storage, and it isn’t actually a ‘thing.’ Actually, I do have storage,  a lot of it. I just also have way too much stuff and I need to be really tuthless. I have written about reasons we are scared to declutter over on my other home interiors blog Thrifty Home and it really helped me to reread this. A good declutter will refresh the whole house and particularly my daughter’s space.

So these are my home intentions for 2018. Not what I thought would be happening but the best I can do with my given situation.

Do you have plans?


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  1. Evija
    February 5, 2018 / 10:57 am

    I am so sorry your moving and plans didn’t go as expected.. I don’t know what happened but sometimes only sometimes things happen that don’t make sense at that moment.. but will in the future.. I hope you get sorted and get your office with a view and light you need rather than the corner of your kitchen.. x

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