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My skin and me

My skin and me

I have always had easy to care for, unproblematic skin. Which actually is a really good thing as my skincare regime until very recently has been pretty non-existent. I tended always to just wash and go, was never vigilant about taking off makeup and would pop on moisturiser only if I thought about it and there was some to hand.

I am a pretty low maintenance kind of person and this haphazard approach to self-care is typical of me. Like I say I’m lucky to but I don’t actually deserve it. I like to sunbathe a bit too much too.

I suppose for a long while I have relied on good genes..the women in my family have all had lovely complexions, creamy and dewy and clear. Genetics definitely play a part.

In my defence, I do have a really healthy vegetarian diet and I do drink a lot of water which will have helped my skin.

All the sunbathing I have done over the years..hmm well that probably explains the wrinkles.

I have to say this lucky, lovely skin of mine has not fared so well these past few years. Age has started to catch up with me and it is a little drier now and more and more wrinkly.

It is time for some good products and some expert advice.

I have been perusing Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis range and it looks just the ticket for me.

my skin and me

My skin and me

Sarah says “I advise all my clients on the importance of supporting the skin’s defence with supercharged levels of vitamins A and C, antioxidants, omega-rich oils and broad-spectrum SPF 15 on a daily basis all year round.”

It really is time I took on that advise.

Her dynamic defence moisturiser has a SPF15 to protect the skin from the sun and targets the first signs of ageing, supports a healthy skin and delivers a healthy, glowing complexion with our unique triple brightening skin complex and potent skin defence antioxidants. This would be just perfect for me.

.Apparently it has in it all the goos Sarah recommends above and

‘This moisturiser repairs defends and prevents trans-epidermal water loss restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance for a radiant glow.’

And that natural glow seems to be what is missing.

It’s time to look after my skin properly.

Tell me about your skin-care regime? Has it changed as you have aged? What products would you recommend?





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