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My top 3 home improvements

My top 3 home improvements

I long to improve our home.

There have been projects on my mind for a good long time that I really would like to be able to tick off my list. I mean, to be honest, I can think of way more than 3 home improvements I would like to do but these are my top 3.

I find prioritising really helps me focus and much more likely to achieve my aims. So this year I am determined to get through this list and really make out home work for us as we need it to.

My top 3 home improvements – a plan of action

top 3 home improvements

Kitchen extension

I work in our long but thin kitchen shoved up in a corner facing a wall. Our table is pushed against the wall and the kids have to squeeze onto ht bench behind it to so we can all get seated. It is not ideal by any means.

My kids are getting bigger all the time and my business continues to expand. We need more room and quickly. We have a conservatory we barely use and we could extend the kitchen into it and widen the space.

It could be a lovely large kitchen with decent space for me to work.  we could have a huge table with lots of space around it for everyone to comfortably sit too. And I would have drawers in my new kitchen (because I would want a new kitchen too of course. And, seriously  I have NO drawers in my current kitchen isn’t that weird. Bifold doors leading out onto e the garden would also be lovely.

I would want a new floor too – Kids make a mess, drop things, push furniture around and more. Your flooring needs to be robust and resilient – floor tiles or resin floors are a great option.

I would need to sort the plumbing out too in the kitchen and check with a company like Bolier Installers My Plumber to ensure that our boiler is working efficiently.

top 3 home improvements


Replace the front door

Our front door is PVC, white and a bit ugly. I like the blue stained glass in it but apart from that it is a bit cracked slightly yellowing and definitely past its best. 

My new front door would be wood with red and deep blue stained glass and it would have a brass knocker and letterbox and it would be absolutely beautiful and strong and solid and welcoming. Perfect.  Whilst having the floor done I would like to replace the windows either side of it too so they looked equally as smart.

I have been looking at  Three Counties Windows and have seen some beautiful double glazed windows that would be perfect, as well as some lovely doors,



Pave the front drive

Our front drive is not pretty. It has bare patches of grass a few weeks and to be honest it is a daily eyesore to me.  We tried planting some lavender and replacing the fence last year but it doesn’t actually seem to have made a lot of difference. I think it would be really good to pave this area so we can park both cars off the road and make the space useful.
So they are my 3 top home improvements that I would like to see happen. Oh, we would need to start saving for them but they would be SO worth it.
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