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My travel bucket list

My travel bucket list

There are a number of places I have visited in my life that have really deeply impacted me.

Age 15 I went to the black forest in Gemerny oh my goodness it was so beautiful. I had a German boyfriend Oli with whom I spent many an hour in tiny icecream cafes with. Ah precious memories of a beautiful place and being very young.

As an 18-year-old, I spent 3 months on a Kibbutz in Israel and then a month touring. Israel is so exciting, culturally and historically, and it is a country of deep contrast. The political divides were heartbreaking and eyeopening and oh it was an interesting place. To see places like Bethlehem that seemed just storybook to me quite took my breath away.


my travel bucketlist

Age 19 I worked for a summer in Minnesota- land of 10,000 lakes and just absolutely beautiful. I loved it so much, in the end, I spent 4 more summers there.

At 20 I stayed in an apartment in Nice with one of my best friends and oh my goodness it was an eye-opener to see how the other half lived. It made me ambitious!

Age 24 I married my Texan boyfriend and spent some time in San Antonio, an exciting and beautiful state full of gorgeous wild nature and long rolling rivers and a bustling and exciting city scene. The sunshine helped me fall in love with it too!

Age 29, I was proposed to by my now husband under the Eiffel tower in Paris the rain. As a huge art lover and a massive believer in romance Paris always has my heart. I so love Paris.

I am 46 now and there are a number of places still on my travel bucket list not yet explored.

I would love to go to Montana, land of the big sky and wild horses. I’d line dance and ride out with the cowboys and have just the best time eating refried beans over an open fire.

I would also love to visit India, take a little train up int the hills and visit a remote village. I would like to shop the bustling markets and bathe in the Ganges.

I have always wanted to stay a while in a villa in Cyprus and see the gorgeous sun-drenched beaches. When I was at university I had a group of Cypriot friends and they were so full of smiles I am sure that we would get the warmest of welcomes and would have a beautiful vacation. Clickstay has gorgeous villas in Cyprus and a myriad of other destinations. I do love a villa holiday – such a  home from home experience (but with sunshine!)

I have also always longed to go to Las Vegas, stay in a top, classy hotel and go and see a fabulous show. Ooh and have a little flutter on the roulette wheel too…I do love a little flutter!


Lastly, I would like (most of all) to go to  Tasmania and see my dear, good friend Ruth who lives there and who has helped me tremendously over recent hard times. That would just be beautiful.

Oh and an Italian villa near a lake – wow

Where have you been that has impacted you and where would you most like to go if you could go absolutely anywhere?



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