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My watch collection

I am excited to show you my watch collection.

I have a passion for watches and seem to have a watch for every occasion. These have been accumulated over years and sometimes they have been inherited and sometimes they have been gifts.

The first I will show you was a gift to myself.

It is a  a gorgeous Ice Love watch. It is my every day watch. I like it because it is sporty, robust and fresh looking and seems to go well with pretty much everything. I also like the loveheart and sparkle in the centre.

 This watch is available from The Watch Hut

I have a gold watch which was a 21st birthday gift form my parents that I treasure greatly. It’s broken actually and hasn’t been worn for a while I must put that right. It is for ‘elegant occasions ‘ like weddings but I really ought to wear it more. I do love it so.

I have a very blingy diamante watch that I think is just gorgeous. It was bought for  me by my very hip husband’s Grandma. She was concerned I might get mugged it looks so much like real diamonds. Bless her! I often wear it when I am out and about and I love how it sparkles and shines.

It is a bit like this one…

I also have a pink, cheap, fake Ice watch bought back form a trip to Egypt by my nephews and nieces. This is loved because of the thought behind it but perhaps it will only ever be worn to the beach!

On my wishlist for a watch is a pearl watch . I adore pearls. So classy and very ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’. I also admire this DKNY watch. It is  classy and stylish without being too formal.


Do you have a watch for every occasion?






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