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Natural Landmarks in Canada to See With Your Own Eyes

As the world’s second-largest country, Canada obviously has a lot to offer tourists and travelers. However, there are many places to explore, especially of natural heritage, so planning a trip there might be a bit challenging. So let’s try to make it easier for you and look through our list of the top natural landmarks in Canada to see with your own eyes! 


Hopewell Rocks

The stunning formations, known as sea stacks, are located in New Brunswick and are one of the top attractions in Canada. They were formed by tidal erosion and offer a unique experience of seeing some of the highest tides in the world. Two times a day, the water goes up so much it completely covers the ground near the rocks, which people often walk on when the tide is low. 

If you wish to see the real nature’s power and learn more about its process, stay for the entire natural show to see both the low and the high tidal waves. 

Hopewell Rocks:



Niagara Falls

Probably the best-known natural attraction in Canada, Niagara Falls lies on the Canadian-American border and allows you to see one-of-a-kind landscapes. The waterfall holds the title of having the highest flow rate and also being the world’s fastest-moving waterfall. 

You can try to photograph or explain what you saw to others, but nothing beats the experience of overlooking Niagara Falls for yourself. 


Niagara Falls:

Natural Landmarks in Canada


It is all in the name, right? Dinosaur Provincial Park was once a literal home to the dinosaurs, and it was discovered when over 50 dinosaur species were found to have been living here. The number of fossils found here is mind-boggling! 

It seems completely unbelievable, knowing that these kinds of places exist, but they do. Sure, we all hear about them and learn in school, but when you explore a site like the Dinosaur Provincial Park – only then do you fully understand just how incredible our world is. 


Northern Lights

While the phenomenon can be observed in many places in the world, Canada certainly takes the top. 

Due to its convenient geographical location, it is the perfect destination to watch the night sky painted in all colors, looking like something entirely magical and other-worldly. For the full experience, we suggest traveling to Northern Manitoba or Wild West Yukon. By the way, both and other places can be easily reached with the help of Canadian trains, which you can check out right here at canadatrains.com

Northern Lights:


Lake Louise

Yes, Canada is full of stunning natural sites and destinations, yet there is something very unique about Lake Louise. Maybe it is the turquoise waters or the mountainous backdrop that makes it so popular and special. Whatever the reason, put it on your itinerary – you will not regret it! 

The lake is an incredible place for hiking and skiing, but even if you are not into outdoor sports, explore the surroundings, like the Victorian Glacier or the palatial hotel! 

By the way, Lake Louise is highly influenced by the Glacier melt, so for the most excellent views, highest waters, and the prettiest turquoise colors, we suggest going between the months of late June to August. 

Lake Louise:

Natural Landmarks in Canada


Ellesmere Island

Lastly, let’s see the natural gem that is Ellesmere Island. Located on the Arctic Archipelago, it is considered a part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands and features a diverse landscape. 

The island is a mix of everything – fjords, glaciers, greenery, snowy mountains, and clean waters. Although, one of the biggest attractions for travelers is its size. If you want a straightforward comparison, know that Ellesmere Island is just slightly smaller than Great Britain!

We hope to have helped you with your planning further on! Remember to include as many natural landmarks as possible – Canada is ready to stun you. Best of luck on your travels, and enjoy!




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