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Nature in the Home: Bringing the Outdoors In

You might not think it by looking at how many of us live, but us human were not designed to spend all of our time indoors. We were supposed to be living among the flowers and trees! Of course, it’s useful, from time to time, to be a little realistic. And the hard truth of that matter is that, if you live in the UK and want to live a life with any resemblance of normality, then you’re going to need to have some shelter. But does that mean that we need to live without nature? Absolutely not; we just have to bring the outdoors in, is all.


Bringing the Outdoors In



Natural Elements

You don’t need to live in a treehouse to have natural elements included in your dwelling. Regular homes can incorporate them, too. It’s just a matter of using natural elements in your home decor. Bare stone, wooden floors and tables, and wool and silk curtains, for example, will help to give your home that outdoor feel. If you can add large french doors that lead out to a scenic, well-curated garden, then you’ll have a property that speaks to nature inside and out.


Plants, Plants Everywhere

If you can’t live among the plants in their natural outdoor habitat, then bring the plants indoors. There are visual and mental benefits to surrounding yourself with living green plants. Indeed, when one woman in New York took this to an extreme and replaced her roommate with hundreds of plants, she created a perfect oasis right in the middle of a concrete jungle. It’s even more fun when you grow your own plants, too, so check out hydroponics systems, and get to work on creating your own indoor garden. You’ll have all the benefits of gardening, and bring the outdoors inside at the same time.


Scenic Art

You could set up your television to play Planet Earth on repeat, but there’s a better way to have the outdoors as a permanent part of your home: investing in scenic art. There’s no shortage of affordable nature photographs, paintings, and sculptures; add them to your home, and you’ll have created a centerpiece for your home that mirrors the atmosphere that you’re trying to create. There is an art (hey) to buying art, however, so make sure you’re aware of the rules before you splash the cash on an expensive piece.


Scented Candles and More

Is there anything better than taking a stroll in the outdoors, and lapping up all of the fresh scents that nature naturally provides? Now imagine waking up to that smell. You can make your home feel extra outdoorsy by using scented candles, incense, and potpourri to create a natural outdoor perfume smell in your house.


Tech-Free Zones

There’s no technology in the wild! Create a tech-free culture in your home – or at least several rooms – and you’ll more easily be able to sink into that calm, zen state of mind that so many of us associate with the great outdoors. Who needs the countryside when you have a home that’s this good?


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