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Need New Shoes? Give Them Something To Do!

 Everyone reaches the point where they need new shoes at some stage, and if you want to find the best match for your lifestyle, you need to take a good look at the activities you enjoy, and whether you are more of an indoor person or an outdoor afficionado!

I cannot emphasize the importance of performance over appearance enough, when it comes to picking shoes. Buying a pair of good-looking shoes is easy. Coming to terms with the money you wasted by not buying the right shoes for the job, dealing with aching feet and a painful lower back, shoes falling apart long before their intended period of use is over, or not being able to take part in your activities as you wanted to – not so easy.


Need New Shoes


Every shoe has a different job

There is no such thing as truly multifunctional shoe. Yes, you could wear one kind for many applications, but that doesn’t make it right for the job. Manufacturers make shoes with a specific purpose in mind, and if you don’t wear the shoes for their assigned purpose, you risk a range of injuries and poor performance, as mentioned above.

As with any clothing item, the true value of a shoe cannot be gauged without trying it on first. If you don’t know how they fit, you can’t anticipate how they will perform when the time comes. Even if it feels like a hassle, never skip out on trying on a pair of shoes before buying them.


What makes the perfect pair of shoes?

As tempting as the display of Nike shoes for sale at your local department store may be, and however reputable your favourite brand might be, it is crucial that you remember that different brands manufacture shoes to different standards. As such, what works for your friend might not work for your needs!

Although a reputable brand, such as Nike shoes, will make sure that great care goes into the manufacturing of their footwear, different people are built in different ways, and might need more support than what the original shoes can offer. Your arches are the first area you should look at when trying on a new pair of shoes – depending on your build, are your arches supported?

Many people have reported greatly benefiting from adding orthopaedic insoles to their shoes for an extra bit of cushioning and long-term comfort.


need new shoes


What is the best material to look for?

Leather has traditionally been the most stable material, as it has great moulding properties, and takes on the shape of the wearer’s feet. The main

drawback is that it is expensive. Look for options that include suede, as this will bring the cost of the shoes down. Running shoes benefit from the addition of mesh for extra breathability and weight reduction.


need new shoes

There are many aspects to consider when looking for a pair of shoes – I hope these guidelines help you to make the best decisions next time!


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