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7 BEST New Year’s Resolutions Tips To Keep You Motivated

New Year’s Resolutions Tips To Keep You Motivated and Inspired- we all need these right?

Every New Year, as the clock reaches midnight, everyone begins to create a resolution or multiple resolutions in order to change a bad habit or turn a new page. The New Year is the ideal time to make changes in your life and is the reason why many people choose this time to make their resolutions.




New Year's Resolutions Tips


New Year’s Resolutions Tips

Resolutions are hard to keep, and many people have abandoned them by march and settled back into their old ways. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with our top tips to keep you motivated next year.


Choose A Specific Goal

Each year there are some common goals that people resolve to have, such as losing weight, being more productive, or getting in shape; however, instead of choosing big goals that are overly ambitious or vague, you should consider focusing on something more concrete that you can set your sights on and realistically accomplish. For instance, if you would like to lose weight, you could commit to running a 5km race or set precisely how much weight you want to lose while remaining healthy. 

Additionally, while you might have a long list of ideas for New Year’s resolutions, it is easier to focus your time and energy on a single goal rather than risk spreading yourself too thin by having too many. Break your goal down into smaller sections, as achieving one small goal at a time will boost your belief in yourself. Furthermore, researchers have found that by focusing on a single behaviour that you wish to change at a time, you are more likely to be successful and accomplish your overall goal.


However, resolutions are hard to keep, and many people have abandoned them by march and settled back into their old ways. But don't worry, we're here to help you with our top tips to keep you motivated next year.


New Year’s Resolutions Tips – Put Time Into Planning

Many people wait until New Year’s Day to decide what their resolution will be, but this may not be the best idea as it could set you up for failure. Don’t wait until the last minute; select your resolution wisely and spend time planning out the integral parts that will help you achieve the goal.

The planning stage is vital as it allows you to consider the tactics you will use when faced with unexpected barriers or low motivation. There will be times when things get difficult, and having strategies in place by creating a detailed written plan, for instance, ahead of schedule, will help you stay on the path towards transforming your resolution into a reality.


6 New Year's Resolutions Tips


New Year’s Resolutions Tips – Start With Small Steps

We’ve all heard the phrase, slow and steady wins the race which is why taking on too much too quickly is a common reason why many New Year’s resolutions fail. Overdoing it at the gym, slashing your calorie intake, or radically changing your behaviours are all ways to overwhelm yourself, which can derail your plans. Instead, focus on taking small steps which will ultimately help you accomplish your larger goal. For example, if your goals involve getting healthier by running a 5km, consider starting with a 1km walk or slow jog, and replace your unhealthy snacks with fruit.


New Year's Resolutions: Tips To Keep You Motivated

New Year’s Resolutions Tips


New Year’s Resolutions Tips – Avoid Past Failure

Another top tip for sticking to your New Year’s resolution is not to make the same one year after year. If you think you can do it this year, you can, but if you have tried and failed many times before, your belief in yourself will be low, which will make it more challenging to accomplish.

If you want to tackle the goals you’ve had in previous years, you will first need to spend time looking at the results and what went wrong. Evaluating your past resolutions will help you determine which strategies were more effective and what has held you back from achieving them. By making changes to your approach, you will be more likely to reach your goals and see the results of your resolutions this year.

New Year’s Resolutions Tips

New Year’s Resolutions Tips – Invest in a dream

Make a resolution that is rooted in deep desire and you are more likely to stick to it. Who needs a tidier home anyway? Let your imagination soar and your motivation will go with it. 


Personalised Calendars

Your New Year’s resolutions always start off with the best intentions, but forming good habits can be challenging, and there’s always room to improve, which is why in order to give yourself an edge, you should make use of great tools like personalised calendars. If you want to stick to your resolution, you need to make the steps along the way habits, and the best way to do that is by scheduling them on your calendar to remind you, as repetition is key.

Take things a step further by creating a personalised calendar with your favourite pictures and motivational quotes to help you stay on course. For example, if you decide to exercise 150 minutes a week or more, you could write how many minutes you do a day for an instant visual representation of your progress. Adding up your totals at the end of each week will help you avoid skipping days are you will be more driven towards your goals. 

Inspiring pictures can propel you forwards and help you break down the walls that hold you back, which is why many people choose Photobox as they can select any photos they want for their personalised calendars, so you can create your own calendar and turn your memories into the perfect organisation tool. Add photos of your favourite designs to help inspire you and push you to not only start the projects but finish them.



New Year’s Resolutions Tips  – Accept Change Is A Process

The habits you want to alter or change are a result of years of development which is why you should cut yourself some slack and be patient with yourself. Your habits are not going to change in a few days or weeks as it is a process, and this is why your resolution should be spread across six months to a year, depending on the size of the goal, in order to be successful. If you hit a bump in the road and take a step backwards, don’t worry, as you can still continue to move forwards on your journey to accomplishing your goal.

Keep in mind that your goals may take longer to achieve than you would like, as resolutions are not a race to the finish. Furthermore, once you have made the commitment to change something in your life when you reach your goal, it is something you can continue working on for the rest of your life.

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