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Nordic Shelter – a beautiful Christmas Collection at Homebase

Today – Christmas Collection at Homebase

Over at Homebase you will find the most gorgeous Christmas Collection.

Homebase is a fabulous place to shop, you consistently get low prices and stylish quality products. That’s a win win in any interior lovers book!

Christmas certainly doesn’t need any additional expenses what with gifts to buy, meals to shops for and new clothes too. So if you can decorate beautifully whilst keeping to a smaller budget that really is a bonus.

Homebase have a large and diverse range of Christmas products from lighting to accessories, wreaths, trees, Christmas decorations and tableware. You will certainly find what you need.  They even have outdoor lights and my kids are determined this year we are going to be the stars of our neighbourhood and all lit up..eek!





Christmas Collection at Homebase

Homebase have very conveniently put together 6 looks to help you really coordinate your Christmas shopping or mix and match a little whatever suits.

These are:

Nordic Shelter

Festive Fun

Wild Berry





Christmas Collection at Homebase

There is something rather lovely and individual about each of the ranges.

I really like the Festive Fun range, it is colourful and light-hearted and I and would definitely shop that look for my children’s bedrooms and playroom.

For the rest of the house though Nordic Shelter is tempting me most.

The white and frosty look of the baubles in this collection are also just delightful and look like snow and ice glistening on the trees.



Combining frosty aquamarine, cool white and warm wood, this light-hearted look is chock full of cute characters and seasonal charm.

This range is also child friendly but more subtle and stylish perhaps. Let me show you some of my favourite pieces from the Nordic Shelter range: I am loving the wood, the rattan , the faux fur, the icy blues and whites. It would make us feel like we were in a cosy winter wonderland.


The heavy greens and reds of a traditional Christmas are not for me. I like to keep it light and bright and the Nordic look is just perfect at encapsulating that.

I just adore the blue stag, it’s actually quite large …


 The key words for this range are icy, rustic, bright and natural


The icy tones of the range help create  a calm look which is a perfect foil to the clutter and chaos of Christmas. Adding gifts under the tree wrapped in luxury blue and silver would be beautiful.

I love that as well as looking serene, this range shows a fun sense of humour in the cute cushions and sweet animal baubles and figurines.

Isn’t this penguin lovely!


and how about this uber cute penguin bauble ?

Would you believe it is only £3?


Can you tell yet I have  a bit of thing for penguins?

To stop all this frostiness feeling too chill, the warmth of the wooden items in the range and the snugglyness of the faux fur really add lovely layers of cosiness.



So yes I do think this this Nordic Shelter look is rather gorgeous but oh you should see the others too. Such a hard decision!

What will your look for Christmas be this year?

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  1. Charlotte
    August 18, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    What wall paint colour/brand is that? It’s lovely?

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