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Nottingham Comic Con Review

Nottingham Comic Con Review

Art comes in many guises and comic art is something I only really discovered through my son and his insatiable love of comics.

Last weekend I took my 11 year old comic loving son to Nottingham Comic Con. We went last year and had loved it so we were both excited! It is a well organised family friendly event that really just clebrates all sorts of comics.


It absolutely did not disappoint. As soon as we arrived there were storm troopers, batman and robin and a host of unusual comic characters wandering about.


Their were stalls selling Pokemon toys and crazy sweets, chocolate shaped daleks and comics galore from independent artists to collectors pieces.

It was all rather fabulous. We so enjoyed looking around.

We even found my little girl a batman minion!


Frankie was book in a comic crating session with the awesome Steve Beckett who draws for the beano..and what a great session it was.


He really encouraged the children in attendance too think up interesting characters and to consider what attributes a succssful comic character needs. Every child’s hand was shooting up with ideas and it was brilliant to hear their imaginative idea. Steve is so lovely he even offered to draw out each of their creations. here is my sons character bomb boy drawn by Steve…isn’t it fabulous?

One to keep forever


Nottingham comic con will be on again next Oct…. it s is a fabulous day out and really gets kids imaginations fired.

I just loved seeing so many creative people showing off their talents and inspiring each other. Huge well done to Kev and Kelly Brett the organisers, you have done Nottingham and the comic scene proud.

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  1. Kel (@MoolBoots)
    October 28, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    Glad you had fun! I have to say that Bomb Boy is a brilliant creation and looks fab drawn by Steve Beckett!

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