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Office Yoga -15 minutes chair yoga for office workers

Office yoga – do you partake?

Today, lets take a look at office Yoga with some chair yoga for office workers exercises to help you feel good.

These days  majority of jobs require individuals to sit hours before the computer, hitting the keys to achieve those deadlines. Prolong work on the computer is obviously unhealthy and creates issues such as pain and aches in the shoulder, neck, and lower back.

Therefore, many people leave their workplace feeling stressed out, tense, soar, and lethargic at the end of the day. What’s more, following this routine for a prolonged period can negatively impact our productivity and overall quality of life.

But don’t worry one simple way to tackle this is by performing desk-friendly chair yoga at your office. This technique is fairly simple, quick, and can be done by anybody who doesn’t have any prior experience in performing yoga.

Making chair yoga exercise a part of your work routine can have miraculous effects. This is because it not only reduces fatigue and tension but also helps to enhance flexibility and muscle strength.

Just take-off your footwear and loosen-up your attire if it’s too tight and try out this awesome 15 minutes chair yoga to reset your mind and body.


15 minutes chair yoga for office workers


chair yoga, office yoga

office yoga

Office Yoga starts with Shoulder rolls

Sit straight, lift your chest, and keep your forearms horizontal. Start with lifting your shoulders up towards your ears. Afterward gently roll them forward, to make small forward circles with your shoulder, repeat for 5-10 times breathing normally. Repeat the same motion making 5-10 backward circles with your shoulder.


  1. Neck roll

Sit with your spine straight, keep your shoulders relaxed, and close your eyes. Now, drop your chin towards your chest and Begin to move your neck in a circular motion by moving your right ear to the right shoulder, then take the heads backward and bring the left ear towards the left shoulder. Repeat this 4-5 times and then switch directions.

Alternatively, you can also perform neck stretches instead of this if you’re in a hurry.

office yoga

  1. Seated spinal twist – Chair for Office Yoga for Office Workers

Sit on the edge of your chair and keep your spine straight. Now, while keeping your left hand on the right knee, twist your torso and head to grab the back left side of your chair with your right hand. Hold this pose and take a few deep breaths, afterward come back to the starting position and repeat the same move with the other side.


  1. Seated forward bend in Office Yoga

Move your chair away from the desk. Sit straight and keep your feet flat on the floor, now take your arms behind your back, keep them straight and interlock the fingers. Gradually, bend forward from the waist and bring your straight interlocked hands over your back, rest your chest on your thighs while continuing to breathe normally.


  1.     Seated figure four pose

Sit on a chair with a straight back. Rest your right ankle on your left thigh and hold your right ankle with your left hand while keeping the right hand on your lifted right knee.

Hold this position with a straight spine for 30-60 seconds and then switch the sides.


  1.     Office Yoga Temple rub

Sit straight and place your hands on your temples. Now, gently rub your temples with first small clockwise circles and after small anti-clockwise circles.

Repeat these steps 10-15 times while taking deep breaths.


Office Yoga -15 minutes chair yoga to reset the mind

I am sure that you’ll feel relaxed, energized, and ready to tackle anything that comes your way with this easy to follow 15 minutes chair yoga schedule.

Also, I would love to know what other stress-busting techniques you guys use to melt away the mounting tensions at your office, do mention in the comments below.


Have you ever tried office yoga or chair yoga for office workers

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