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Olverum – Blissful Bath Oil

Olverum bath oil is a wonder.

Olverum means true oil and and is actually a unique blend of essenial aromatic oils. It aspires to ease tension in the body and mind and ‘help you feel your natural self’ Now I have used plenty of bath oils that make similar sounding claims but none , and I really do mean none that work like Olverum works.

It is rather magical.

Now only did I sleep deeply after my Olverum bath I also felt my back pain was hugely relieved. I am a night ventilator use r so tend not to mve around much at night and so get a lot of back stiffness. This hugely helped.

As well as aiding my sleep and achy back my skin felt smooth and heavenly scented  and I felt deeply relaxed


banner-notxt, Olverum

This oil  has been around for a very long time and a tiny bit goes a long way. 125ml bottle is enough for 25 baths. It is made from pine, lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, juniper and rosemary and it smells a little like a glorious spa.

Oh it really is the business when it comes to bath oil – just the very best of quality

£23.50  for 125ml buy online from www.olverum.com/

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