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Opening Up Your Home From The Inside

When it comes to living in a lovely looking house, we all have our own thoughts and feelings on design. However, most of us can agree that having a lot of space to work with is the best way to truly achieve your decorating dreams, even if you like the minimalist side of things.

When you want more space in your house, one of the easiest ways to accumulate it would be to have an extension fitted, or a room renovated. However, you don’t have to fork out for these solutions if you have no money to, and still get as much use out of your existing space as possible! How? Well, read on below for some tips and tricks you can put to work today, if you’re in the decorating mood!

Has your living room ever looked this spacious?


Opening Up Your Home From The Inside


Open Up the Loft

Let’s start at the top of the house. When it comes to using the loft, there’s a good chance you’re never a permanent resident up there. However, opening up the space to turn into a lovely new room you can spend all kinds of time in is easy when insulating the room properly and make sure the floorboards are properly strengthened. Get a ladder and open the hatch, you’ve now got a studio or sitting room to climb up into, and close the hatch on when you need the privacy

A loft conversion can cost you thousands if you want to do it properly, but there’s a good chance your space is already hospitable if you’ve got head room up there. Hang up some lights to make it more cosy than usual; you’ve got a whole new room in your house without needing to add in any extra walls or pay more than a couple thousand pounds.


Take Care of the Walls

Your walls can do a lot for the look of your space, and repainting or rewallpapering them is going to be a lot cheaper than knocking one down or getting that loft installation finally done! So find something both bright and neutral to reflect the light back at you, get some shelves set up to get all that clutter off of the floor, and introduce more of a minimalist aesthetic to your space.

Got any annoying building work you won’t to hide away? Maybe you keep tripping over some electrical wires? You can Buy Plastic Access Panels that can be easily fitted onto any wires you want to hide away, thus clearing up the room and making it less of an eyesore to see behind the back of the TV! This is especially useful if the appliance is wall mounted; you might finally be able to fit that dining table in without anyone needing to skip over the obstacles!


Opening up your home from the inside can do a lot for how you view your space. If you’re not happy with the room you have, do little things to try and improve.


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