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The Otto Hutt Design 06 Review – The most beautiful pen in the world?

I was so excited to undertake an Otto Hutt Design 06 Review 

Is this the most beautiful pen in the world?

My love of beautiful pens has been written about a few times here on this blog. Beautiful pens make me sigh.

As a writer, I would say a pen is the most important tool of my trade.  Many writers (especially bloggers)  would say their computer, phone or camera is their moat important too,l but for me it’s the humble pen.



Otto Hutt Design 06 Review


Otto Hutt Design 06 Review  – Is this the most beautiful pen in the world

I write a to do list every single morning by hand, along with a good strong coffee. It sorts my head out and commits my confused thoughts to paper and somehow makes sense of them. The delight I get later in the day from crossing items off my to do list with the sweep of the same pen that wrote them, is a physical delight.

I write down my daily thoughts and  ideas too, in one of my many, many notebooks. I do this as I sit in the car waiting for the children to finish school or tennis. Or sometimes I write just sitting in the garden or even in bed. I love to fill notebooks with ideas. I like to see them written down. I also like the act of writing.

I like to write letters too. I write to my amazing Uncle Bob who travels the world solo aged 91. He revisits places that touched his heart, places filled with memories. Other times he goes off in search of great opera and new cultures.

I write to my dear old friend Linda too who I haven’t seen now in 15 years but who I need to stay connected too.  How I love to seal up these envelopes and send off those letters.

Writing is important to me.  Pens are instruments of power and poetry, dreams, plans, connection and love.

I adore a lovely pen. Others who do too will coo with me over beautiful pens and those who don’t get it…well they just don’t get it.






The Otto Hutt Design 06 Review – How does it write?

Last week I became the very proud owner of and Otto Hutt Design 06 rollerball pen in pearl pink.  It is quite possibly the most beautiful pen in the world. It is certainly the most beautiful pen I have ever owned. I just ♥ it.

It writes like an absolute dream and is a lovely chunky solid pen to hold and oh how it glides.

The chunky cigar shaped barrel and sweeping curves produce an organic form that sits comfortably in the hand.

It is such a comfortable pen to hold.  It has a soft velvet feel lacquer in muted pink and a  rose gold plated trim. It is both pretty,  delicate and elegant and timeless. Pen Heaven engraved my initials on it too which I adore. Let someone try and pinch my pink pen at their peril!


Otto Hutt Design 06 Review


Pen Heaven sell a diverse and beautiful range of pens. This has to be my favourite. It comes in red and black too but my pink pen has won my heart.

We will have many, many happy times together, writing away.

pink p

(oh my goodness I have just seen they this a matching fountain pen – better start saving!)


I do hope you enjoyed my Otto Hutt Design 06 Review 

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