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Outdoor Places to Go in Oakland

Outdoor Places to Go in Oakland – where to go and what to do.


Places to Go in Oakland



Great Places to Go in Oakland

When people think of Oakland and the surrounding area, they often think of beautiful city skylines and the massive bridges that connect it with San Francisco. Oakland is a pretty large metropolitan area, so it should come as no surprise that many people have these first thoughts when thinking about the area. That being said, Oakland still has plenty of amazing outdoor places for tourists and residents.

As a result, if you ever close on one of the Oakland houses for sale, you could always escape to one of these outdoor areas to get in touch with your natural side. So what are the best outdoor places to visit in Oakland? Let’s take a look. 


Oakland Zoo

If you really want to experience nature up close, then visiting a zoo can be a fantastic option. Visiting a zoo can allow you to see a wide range of wildlife up close, some of which you may have never even seen before. Thankfully, the Oakland Zoo is a high-quality attraction with plenty of great sights for you to see.

Here, you can see exotic animals such as African lions and elephants, as well as chimpanzees, tigers, and zebras.

There’s also plenty of animals native to North America in the zoo, namely the American Buffalo and the black bear. Getting out and seeing these animals is truly fantastic, and you should definitely consider taking a trip to the Oakland Zoo if you want to escape the city.


Places to Go in Oakland


Lake Chabot Regional Park

One of the best places to enjoy the outdoors in the Oakland area is at Lake Chabot Regional Park. Originally not intended for recreational use, the 316-acre park opened to the public around sixty years ago. One of the things that makes this spot such a fantastic outdoor area is its great fishing.

Here you can catch all sorts of different fish, including trout, catfish, and bass.

In addition, the park has other amenities like a walking trail and even an outdoor gym. If you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor area to visit in the Oakland area, then you can’t go wrong with this destination. 


Tilden Regional Park – Places to Go in Oakland

As one of the area’s oldest parks, Tilden has long been a mainstay for outdoor enthusiasts in the East Bay area.

If you can think of a classic image of a park, Tilden Regional Park is likely first thing to come to mind. The area is perfect for a picnic, one of the most classic park activities. It also has several amenities, such as a carousel ride and a botanical garden that you can stroll through.

Finally, you can finish your day off with a swim in Lake Anza. Tilden offers guests the quintessential park experience, making it the perfect place to visit for nature lovers. 


Lafayette Reservoir

Another great outdoor area in the Oakland region is the Lafayette Reservoir.

One of the main claims to fame for this outdoor area is its abundance of trails. In fact, the area has multiple trails that span several miles and over 900 acres of open space for hiking. However, hiking isn’t the only thing you can do at the reservoir.

Children can enjoy their time on the playgrounds, while more serious outdoor enthusiasts can take their time fishing.

There’s even an area for boat rentals and a boat launch, allowing you to spend your day on the water. The Lafayette Reservoir has just about anything you’d want from an outdoor area, making this one of the top destinations outdoor enthusiasts should check out.


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