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Pamper Parcels

Oh my goodness… last week I was sent a little hamper from Pamper Parcels. It was absolutely divine. What a fabulous treat.

Pamper Parcels is a new business sent up by the very lovely Rosie Shelly.  It offers a range of gorgeous pamper boxes with carefully selected products so you can enjoy a little me time.


There are two stand out qualities about Pamper Parcels. The first is that their values are wonderful and the embrace the natural and the fair and the environmentally friendly in all aspects from their packaging to whom they do business with.


Because of these values everyone is a winner in the process of buying from Pamper Parcels. I like that, it is refreshing and soothing to the soul and so so important. It is certainly a company that cares.

The second stand out feature of Pamper Parcels has to be the very lovely quality of the products you are sent. I was actually one of their very first customers and sent a pamper parcel to my old pal for her birthday. She was so delighted with the little packages of popcorn, chocolate and body lotion it contained.


Each Pamper Parcel also contain a little gift for you to pass on too. I have to say my friend  made me giggle she passed it on…to herself! She said she deserved it (and she truly does!)


Anyway on to my review Pamper Parcel. Ooh I was excited having  heard such rave reviews from my friend Mellie.

The package looked  beautiful and mysterious with all the items individually wrapped in tissue and I was intrigued to unwrap them!

The chocolate buttons  were so divine I ate them all to myself before the kids came home from school.It felt naughty, decadent and wonderful. They were delicious. I saved the choccy mustaches for the kids and they wolfed them down.


 The chocolate thins were rather delicious too and didn’t last too long.


The bath oil and the Burt’s Bees body cream were luxurious and they both have made me feel wonderful and my skin feel so soft. My elbows love Burt’s Bees! The hydrating body cream has also done wonders for my summer dried skin and I do truly feel pampered.


What an absolutely lovely treat this pamper parcel was and I would recommend it highly as a gift idea. Passing on the little pass it on parcel really rounded this off for me. Such a sweet idea.

Why not pop over to Pamper Parcels and have a look at the range of parcels they have for yourself whilst I have a look to see if there are any chocolates left.


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