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Party Wear Dresses – How to Choose What to Wear

I have one big problem when it comes to party wear dresses and that involves the huge choice available and knowing what is right for the occasion.

When it comes to women’s fashion the choice is almost endless and I can sometimes feel as if I am scrolling for days to find the perfect outfit.

What normally happens is this… I scroll, scroll, scroll, make a cup  of tea, scroll some more and then give up.  I just cannot decide what to pick so end up either picking nothing at all or jjust buying one more little black dress. I have many little black dresses. Boring I know but oh, decisions!

 I  think the key has to be that  rather than jumping around from online store to online store  instead I find one great clothes shop and settle down and browse properly. It needs to be a great store with a good range and a bit out of the ordinary so I don’t just get yet another black dress. 

ikrush sell a huge range of  women’s dresses and they are lovely!

Let me show you some of my favourites.



Dolly Dress


This dolly dress is super cute, isn’t it? I think it is pretty and fun and a little bit flirty. Perhaps it is the perfect party wear dress.


 Body Con Party Wear Dresses

I think I am not perhaps brave enough to wear a body con dress since putting on a few lockdown pounds. But regardless, I do think they look absolutely fantastic and just so very sexy.  I love that it is brown rather than black too . This would bring a a welcome change to my wardrobe but I think I would need to be courageous.



The red dress

Whilst my usual  black is discrete, red is shouty  also very sensual and just so alive and bold. It makes a statement for sure.  I love to wear a bit of red and this red maxi dress would no doubt make a splash at any party.

Isn’t it absolutely stunning?


Party Wear Dresses 


The printed dress

 I almost always wear un-patterned clothes because I am not a big fan of drawing attention to myself but sometimes you just have to turn things up a notch, don’t you? This patterned dress is loud, sassy, short and vibrant and  it would definitely cause you to be the centre of attention if you wore it! 



Black dress

I simply had to show you this dress. I know it is black which I was trying to avoid but it is such a very beautiful and unusual black dress. It is also a bit fancy and very sophisticated.



I am loving the split and the off the shoulder!


Do you have a favourite of these party wear dresses?

I think I have surprised myself and would have to say the red dress is calling my name!  I have decided to show each of these to my best friend and see what she thinks too. By taking my time and checking out dresses I would normally gloss over I really think I have found some new and interesting choices. 

 Let me know what you think too.




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