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Pati & Coco Review

Pati & Coco Review – come and have a read.



Pati & Coco Review


Pati & Coco Review

Have you come across Pati & Coco yet?

Oh my goodness, these are special.

Pati & Coco are chocolate desserts like you only ever get in the very best restaurants. And, to have one or two nestled in my fridge has been such a pleasure. They come in a range of gorgeous flavours – Ganache & Choc, Praline & Choc, Caramel & Choc and Pistachio & Choc.

Let me tell you about them in my Pati & Coco review  and also when I think I would eat one!


Pati & Coco Review


Pati & Coco Review Pots

Pati & Coco is a completely ‘indulgent treat’ definitely the type of pud you wouldn’t eat every day – it’s not yoghurt! It combines French patisserie & the finest Belgian chocolate – two of my absolute favourite things. It is first chilled dessert to feature a signature “crack” of smooth dark chocolate on top, followed by smooth ganache and a crunchy base.

I wish I could do this dessert justice in describing this – basically it is layers of lushness.


Pati & Coco Review – the best flavours

My OH took a bite and said ‘Bloody hell that’s good’ and that really is an understatement. He quickly polished it off!

These little glass pots just made me sigh with happiness.

I loved EVERY flavour – and oh yes, I tried them all. The caramel & choc was our stand out favourite ( but honestly I would happily devour any of them.)

If I was going anywhere and a dessert needed taking these are the desserts I would take – just delicious. I don’t often rave about puds I am more of a savoury type but oh wow  these are something a little bit special 


Pati & Coco Review

Treat time (should be when YOU decide)

I used to feel that I saved up treats for special days like Christmas and birthdays and that the rest of the time it was a bit’naughty’ to have something lovely.

I used to feel like this about clothes too, only wearing my best outfits on special occasions.

But …  as I have matured, so has my attitude and I think little wins should absolutely be celebrated.

So this week I got an advance copy of my new book ‘Be happy Be you‘ through the post. It’s actually published in January (so there will be a big celebration then!) but it was so lovely to hold the book we have worked on so hard to make. Despite working hard on lots of other things and life being a bit awry I still managed to get my half of this book written. A moment worth celebrating indeed. 

I cracked it … and that deserved absolutely celebrating (so I had a Pati & Coco review pot multi-layered and textured and multi-taste sensation – just the best kind of treat!)



Pati & Coco review

Pati & Coco Review


Where to buy Pati & Coco

Pati & Coco is available from Sainsbury’s and Booths is £3.50 for a pot of 2  (will soon be in Coop, Waitrose and Ocado too.)


Our Pati & Coco review is a collaborative post, all opinions are entirely our own – you might also like our post on chocolate fondant

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