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My perfect dining table

I often dream about my perfect dining table. I think about what would it look like, who would be sat around it and what would I serve.

My ideal dining room set might look rather like this one.

Fullscreen capture 04062015 194127I love the bold coloured chairs and also the minimalist sleekness of the design. I am really attracted to the  fun yet contemporary look of this. I could see it working for both the children’s meal times and mealtimes with friends too. I thinks it’s fabulous (and it would clean very easily) Plus it extends to seat up to 10 so absolutely perfect for hosting a child’s party or a large family dinner.  I’d love an extendable table like this, it is so practical and adaptable (a must for a mum!) and it is gorgeous! I also absolutely love contemporary glass dining tables I think they look just so modern and cool.

In my reality, my most frequent dinner guests are  usually my lovely little family all gabbling away at once and to be honest they are probably my favourite dinner guests of all. However, they do make a whole lot of mess, eat super fast and never like to linger and chat for long. Plus no matter what I do they just absolutely will not eat my roast vegetable lasagne. which is my favourite dish of  all to make, serve and eat.

Ho hum. Kids hey!

Fullscreen capture 04062015 194523

Images and dining table set from Furniture Village

So, despite loving my children best of all, for my perfect dinner I would not invite them! Instead I would invite 3 of my oldest, best friends and we would talk about days gone by, relive happy memories and talk about old boyfriends – always a good subject for a giggle .

We would absolutely have my vegetable lasagne with piping hot roasties and asparagus . We would  drink great wine and good coffee and linger for hours. (Oh and we would most definitely have a mountain of profiteroles and strawberries too.)

Doesn’t that sound lovely…all round my perfect dining  table too.




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  1. June 25, 2015 / 6:30 am

    Great blog about to improve the interior of dinning area with stylish and colored chairs. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Lindy
    June 16, 2015 / 3:52 pm

    Love the coloured chairs- we went with that look when we remodeled our kitchen but paired it up with a old farmhouse table. I now dream of a large wall of bifold doors!

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