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The Perfect Sweet Pea Vase

Sweetpea vase – if you are looking for a vase for sweet pea’s then you have come to the right place.


sweetpea vase, sweet pea vase

sweetpea vase

The perfect sweetpea vase

Oh, how I love sweetpeas.

The scent is so pretty and makes me feel like I am out in the countryside on a hot summers day. I love the varying shades of sweetpeas too and how it gives and gives to you throughout the summer.

I have been known to stick my sweetpeas in little jamjars or milk bottle but I feel they deserve more than this.

I have found the perfect sweet pea vase in these lovely samples Dartington Crystal sent me to review.


sweetpea vase, sweet pea vase

This really is the perfect sweetpea vase


A sweetpea vase duet

The beautiful little vases come as a pair and are entitled Adam and Eve and they consist of a clear crystal mini oval sweet peas vase twinned with a petite waisted companion vase in amethyst crystal. They cost £35 and really they are a love gift for any flower lover.

Just as pretty there is a matching pair of Adam and Ever handmade crystal vases in teal and clear

 I am so delighted to  show off my sweetpeas in this lovely sweetpea vase



A gorgeous vase for sweet pea’s

These tiny sweetpea vase are just wonderful, they display not drown small flowers and I just adore them.



You can’t really beat handmade crystal for a sweet pea vase and when you find the perfect size and shade for your flowers then it is just a magical match up. Yay for summer, sweetpeas and pretty vases. You might also be interested in having a look at my sweet pea home fragrance review and my sweet pea flower delivery



 “A Child’s Vision.” – Alfred Noyes (1880- 1958) 


Under the sweet-peas I stood

And drew deep breaths, they smelt so good.

Then, with strange enchanted eyes,

I saw them change to butterflies.



Higher than the skylark sings

I saw their fluttering crimson wings

Leave their garden-trellis bare

And fly into the upper air.



Standing in an elfin trance

Through the clouds I saw them glance….

Then I stretched my hands up high

And touched them in the distant sky.



At once the coloured wing came back

From wandering in the zodiac.

Under the sweet-peas I stood

And drew deep breaths. They smelt so good.


Perfect Sweet Pea



Sweetpea meaning

According to gardenerdy ‘Sweet pea flower symbolizes appreciation and departure’ so it is the perfect gift to say goodbye and thank you.


Sweet Pea Vase

Sweet Pea Vase with a fabulous pedigree

Dartington Crystal are a British company that have been creating beautiful glasses and vases for 50 years – they have a truly beautiful range of glasses and vases and I urge you to pop over and take a look 



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  1. August 18, 2017 / 9:16 am

    Oh they’re just perfect! I think simple vases are always best for sweet peas ?

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