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Perfume Buying Guide

Perfume Buying Guide

Are you looking for a perfume buying guide?

Buying a perfume can be a tricky task, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in the first place. Therefore, it’s important to be informed, so you can make the best and most informed choice. Wearing a perfume is often like wearing a second skin: you need to make sure that it fits you perfectly. For some, that can be easier said than done. So for that reason, here is a perfume buying guide that will help you pick your next ultimate fragrance.


Perfume Buying Guide


Know your preferences

The first step toward choosing the best perfume is to know your own preferences and tastes. If you’re familiar with fragrance notes, then you can start there. Fragrance notes determine the strength of smell, and they also determine the most dominant scent out of them all. Also, it’s essential to know your tastes: do you prefer floral, fresh fragrances? Maybe you’re more into heavier, musky scents? Whatever the case, be sure to learn more about your own preferences in order to find the best perfume for yourself.

Rely on trends, but don’t follow them blindly

Just like any other part of beauty industry, perfume industry relies heavily on trends. Currently, feel-good fragrances that are focused on sustainability, functionality and some nostalgia are pretty popular. Therefore, if you just want a fashionable fragrance, then feel free to look into additional trends this season. However, if you’re more into curating your won tastes, then it’s best to be aware of the trends, but not to rely on the heavily. 

Learn the differences between various concentrations

As we previously mentioned, not all perfumes were made equal. This isn’t about preferences, more about different concentrations. You probably know there are eau de toilettes, perfumes and colognes have different conecntrations of pure perfume oil, which also determines their strength and long-lasting effect. Therefore, if you want to learn more, feel free to search for Concentrations: Cologne vs. Perfume…What Is The Difference? Decoding Words on Fragrance Bottles – Full Circle as you’ll get all the relevant info that will help you learn more about fragrances. Knowing these differences can be hugely helpful if you’re looking to purchase the right perfume. 

Test the fragrance before buying it 

The best way to know whether the fragrance will work for you is to test it before buying it. This is best done if you’re shopping in-store, especially if the shop in question has a lot of testers available. However, if you’re buying online, then asking for a tester beforehand can be a little complicated, especially if you live far away. In that case, it’s essential to read the in-depth reviews from other buyers, so you can make sure that the fragrance will work for you. The reviews to look for should be detailed, informational especially if the perfumes in the online store tend to contain a lot of potential allergens.

Pay attention to what you feel 

The surest way to know whether you’ll like the perfume is to pay attention to what you feel when you try it on. If you’re a carefree, fun person then it’s best to opt for similar perfumes that will evoke this feelings withing you. Similarly, if you’re looking to achieve a more upscale, serious look, then it’s best to opt for a heavier fragrance suitable for formal and fancy events such as dinner parties. 


This perfume guide will help you if you’re looking to shop for a suitable fragrance. Knowing your own tastes and learning all the key differences regarding perfume concentrations will be of great help. As long as you’re informed and you know what you enjoy, you will be able to pick the perfect fragrance that you will enjoy wearing.

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