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Personal Chef: How much does it cost and what are the benefits

The question of finding a personal chef becomes especially relevant when you organize an event. A private cook can prepare a variety of delicious dishes for your guests. In addition, they create an unsurpassed mood for your holiday.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits of hiring a private chef in London or other cities in the UK. Also, we will tell you how much a personal chef costs and the features of pricing.


Personal Chef: How much does it cost and what are the benefits

What is a private chef?

A personal chef is a person with a culinary education and who has relevant experience. You can see that some of them work in restaurants first and eventually become freelancers. Or, conversely, first, settle as a private family cook and begin to develop in new formats.

What is the difference between chef vs cook? The first will never leave you hungry. Regardless of the budget, they will prepare delicious and healthy meals. While a cook can have simple products, they can easily prepare a hearty lunch.

Private chefs can be compared to artists and painters. They always improve their cooking skills and personal style. Sometimes their dishes look like real works of art. They possess a strong familiarity with restaurant terminology. If you hire a chef, in addition to delicious and tasty dishes, you will also get unforgettable emotions.

At the venue of your event, you may be offered the services of a private chef. Or you can contact a culinary agency to hire a personal chef in London.


How much do personal chefs make in the UK?

The minimum price to hire a personal chef in the United Kingdom is £180. The maximum price for a private chef is  £250. So, if you want to hire a chef for a dinner party in 2022, you will have to pay an average of  £200.


5 factors that influence the cost of a personal chef

The price of hiring a private chef in London depends on the following factors:


Food style

If you want to hire a chef for a gala dinner, he needs to prepare the appropriate dishes. The professional will have to spend a lot of time cooking haute cuisine with a beautiful presentation that can be Instagrammed.

And if you want to organize a picnic, the chef will prepare delicious meals that can be transported. The dishes you get will be tastier than regular sandwiches.


Type of event

Cooking for formal events will cost more than food for a party with friends. Prices for hiring a personal chef depend on the number of requirements for the chef.


Number of dishes

The salary of a private chef depends on the number of dishes you order. It is better to choose a tasting menu, such dishes look aesthetically pleasing in photos and allow you to taste more different foods.



For simple home cooking, you can easily find a chef with the right value. However, choosing a private chef in London who specializes in Thai cuisine can be more difficult and expensive.


Dietary requests

Your guests may have certain dietary specifics. For example, someone do not eat sugar or gluten,  other has allergies to certain foods. You need to make a list of such features and send it to your chef. Usually, professionals can adapt the menu to different dietary requirements. But this increases the cost of service.


Why is a personal chef worth it?

You will get the following benefits from working with a private chef:

  1. Each dish will be incredibly delicious
  2. And exquisitely presented
  3. You can order a varied menu with specific dietary requests
  4. You will get more time for important things
  5. And the guests of your event will be pleasantly surprised

Also, hiring a personal chef for the day can be more cost-efficient than cooking everything yourself.

  1. You can get a discount from product suppliers by working with a personal chef
  2. You will always have enough products because experienced private chefs in the UK will help you calculate everything correctly.
  3. If you need to reduce costs, the home chef will recommend alternatives to the menu


Without a doubt, hiring a personal chef for dinner will make your life easier and save time.



As a conclusion

We hope you found this article useful and now you know who a personal chef is and how much it costs to hire him. It will be much better for you to hire a private cook in London or other cities in the United Kingdom than to cook for your event yourself. An experienced chef will prepare delicious meals and surprise your guests.


Personal Chef: How much does it cost and what are the benefits is a feature post




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