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Personalised Gifts for Friends – 3 Fantastic Ideas

Are you looking for personalised gifts for friends?

I love personalised gifts  I think they really speak of someone thinking about you and really caring. They contain a bit more effort and thought and care don’t they than a simple off the shelf gift.#

At Christmas my very best friend bought personalised gifts for both my kids. For my daughter she bought a make up bag w with her name written on in lovely scrip – perfect she is 13 and this made her feel so grown up.

She also came up with a brilliant customised gift for my son – a cup for when he goes off to university with his name on so no one in his dorm pinches it and a funny quote about studying.

These gifts were really cherished, so much thought went in to them.

It got me to thinking about personalised gifts for friends. I have been perusing Artfia Australia to gather together some lovely ideas


How to personalise a gift 

Artfia sell an enormous range of personalised gifts and all you have to do is is select your favourite item from the huge amount of our products and customise it using thier DIY toolkit. It really is a super duper simple process and speedy too.

You can print absolutely anything on your gift as you like such as favourite quotes, in jokes, nicknames, favourite dates, times and even places and make them really precious and absolutely personal. 


Here are the personalised gifts for friends that  I would choose:


A customised Tee

My BFF is a life coach for kids and her brand is called The Kids Coach. I’d love to gift her a bright t-shirt proclaiming this loudly. She is an amazing coach and should be shouting this form the roof tops. Lucky kids who get to work with her,


Personalised Gifts for Friends



A personalised tote bag make perfect Personalised Gifts for Friends

For my friend Karen, who is very eco-minded, this K tote book is cool stylish and practical. I love I could give her initial and make it uniquely hers but also something she would definitely use. I do like to give practical gifts. I am not a fab at all of waste and tat and this bag is a brilliant gift idea.


A personalised notebook

My pal Giselle has always had the curse and blessing of an unusual name. No one EVER forgets who she is (partly her name and partly because she is so lovely) to be able to give her a notebook with her name on would be absolutely brilliant and certainly not something she is ever going to find in the shops.

I think she would be truly delighted with a gift like this:


Personalised Gifts for Friends

Personalised Gifts for Friends


Personalised Gifts for Friends

So just a tiny selection of ideas for personalised gifts for friends but aren’t they just a delight. They literally just took moments to customise but I think they really would show how very much I care and have thought about my friends. 


All Personalised Gifts for Friends items shown are from Artfia. 


Personalised Gifts for Friends is a collaborative post 

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