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Personalised phone, tablet cases and power banks

GoCustomized is a Dutch company that specialises in personalised phone and tablet cases at really reasonable prices.


Personalised phone tablet cases and power banks



Their products are just lovely and I am delighted to have made a beautiful Fathers day present using their design tools.

Using their design module, customers can create a design using any of their favourite images which will then be printed straight on their chosen phone or tablet cases. They have a lovely range and same day shipping which is pretty astonishing considering you are personalising your product! Lots of brands such as Samsung and iPhone are included in their range of cases and tablet covers. They also provide a range of accessories that can be personalised including speakers, USB cards, power banks, ear buds notebooks and more. It’s just so easy to make your own phone case or any other item in the range and sucha personal gift

I chose to personalise a power bank for my children’s father for Fathers Day. He always needs more battery life and I thought personalising one with a photo of the kids would be super cute. It is a lovely sleek but powerful power bank. The external battery is 13mm thick and weighs 217 grams, therefore you can easily take the power bank everywhere. It is made of aluminium, which keeps the device and battery cold. The battery provides the phone 10,000 mAh of energy. It cost just £35.99 which is very reasonable and the personalisation is beautifully done.

It took no time at all and it was so very easy.

Doesn’t it look fantastic?



Here is how it works…

Designing any product at GoCutomized can be done in a few minutes. First go to the design module of GoCustomized, click on the option of the option of adding your picture or design. You can adjust the image and add a text. In order to upload your picture, you can do it directly through Facebook and Instagram which makes it really just so easy.

Of course, you can also upload the image from your computer’s hard drive too.

You can add even more to your personalised phone case or other customized product by adding a personal text maybe a name or quote or message and the whole design process is really intuitive.



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