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Pet friendly living: How to make your home work

Today – Pet friendly living: How to make your home work


Pet friendly living


Pet friendly living

For those of you who aren’t pet owners, this article might sound ridiculous. However, for everyone sat in the other side of the camp, it will make complete sense.

Like it or not, as soon as pets join our life, they become like our children. They take over, and most elements of our lives are consumed by them. As today’s title might have already given away, your home falls into said category.

Suffice to say, some homes just aren’t suitable for pets. Some interior features are impractical and at times, unsafe. Today’s guide will mull over some of the better features to turn to in a bid to make your home more of a paradise for your pet.


It starts with your floor

Hopefully, this first point shouldn’t come as a surprise. You will have also hopefully realized that soft white carpets tend to be out of the question as soon as you take the plunge to keep pets – they will be ruined almost instantly. Find out here why dogs dig at the carpet and then read on to find out how you can avoid this

In fact, a lot of pet owners opt against carpets full stop. Sure, some darker tones might work, but harder surfaces from the likes of One Stop Flooring tend to be preferred. Laminate is usually a good option as it doesn’t scratch, while it goes without saying that it’s much easier to clean (which is even more important if your pet is still fairly young).

White walls are another no-go area

It would be fair to say that the painting industry has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and this isn’t as much of an issue as it once was. However, brilliant white walls are still a debatable idea. It only takes a wet day, and a shake of their coat, for your walls to be covered in muddy drips.

This doesn’t mean to say that you should avoid all light colors, but at least make sure you are choosing the right paint and it’s not going to be obviously noticeable if the inevitable does happen.


The same rules can apply with upholstery

On the subject of white, it’s advisable to avoid this with your upholstery as well. Whether it’s rugs or sofas – they are all at risk of those muddy stains.

In fact, it doesn’t have to be mud. It might be as something as innocent as a toy bone – they all leave marks which a lot of sofas just aren’t able to handle.


Be wary of your window treatments

This final point touches on both safety and your pet’s happiness. In relation to the former, make sure all blinds are installed correctly, either cordless or with the cords tied up so they can’t become tangled.

Then, there’s the happiness-factor. It’s a fact of life; most pets love to look out of the window. A lot of window treatments don’t allow this, so opt for something that can be kept open all day, or at least a sheer fabric that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of privacy and views.



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