PizzaStorm Review

Last weekend was my birthday (47 years young!) and I was heading into the city with my kids and my other half for a day of shopping and art idea of heaven.

We had been invited to review PizzaStorm and it seemed like a great time to do it. We are all big Pizza Fans in our house!

You can find PizzaStorm in Newcastle and in Nottingham and they have a very simple and rather genius concept.


It’s a create your own pizza place. Fast service, fresh cooking.


You simply choose your toppings (my daughter had baked beans!!) and there are a whole hot of toppings available.


pizzastorm review


You can also choose from signature pizzas and sides such as mac cheese or loaded skins (which we had an which were YUM!)



You can create your own salad too.

For pudding, there is Nutella calzone or soft ice cream and there is a lovely variety of drinks available.



Have a peek at the full menu here


You pay as you order (what a blessing, I simply hate having to wait for servers to serve you then to eventually bring you the bill and then to return with the card machine- gosh it can all take ages can’t it.)

There are boxes stacked up for you to grab and take your food home without the need to ask.

It is all simple, really easy to navigate and unfussy. Perfect when you have kids in tow!

The food, however, was outstanding; fresh, hot tasty and really scrumptious.

The venue was cool with an industrial vibe and light and spacious with big tables and booths for those that required them. No being cramped in together here.

The prices were excellent too!

We were unanimous in declaring Pizza Storm out new favourite pizza place and we will MOST definitely go back.




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