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Planning our garden makeover

Our garden is looking just terrible at the moment which breaks my heart because a year or two ago it was our absolute pride and joy. Some of the problem is it’s January and the kids have been playing football and the grass is not lush and green but bare and muddy. No flowers are blooming and the sun is most definitely not shining. However there is more to it than just the time of year.

Our garden is very important to us as a place to play, a place to craft from and in, a place to eat  and read and think and ponder and to sit and relax. We like to grow fruit and veg, watch the butterflies and generally just be out and about in it. It isnt particularly big or spectacular but it is a haven to us.

pool and tipi

I have to remind myself how fabulous our garden can be. Look at the amazing gifts it gave us last summer.

garden gifts

My favourite part of our garden is the little secret garden we created 2 years ago. It remains intact and gorgeous and sets the standard for how the rest of the garden now needs to be. It needs to up it’s game!

secret garden

Our garden is in need of a makeover ( a bit like my self really!) it needs sorting out and a little bit, well actually a whole lot of TLC.

I have ordered bulbs for summer and pre-ordered a whole host of sweet peas to set the garden alive with bright colours and delicious fragrance. My husband has booked out two weekends to work on the pond.  The blown in window on the shed has been brushed up and a new one ordered. We have thought about the kind of budget we need.

It really is looking rather bleak right now as you can see below. Sigh- much work is required!


Plans are most certainly in place!

We most definitely need to replace the patio and possibly even the lawn. both are old and tired.

The patio was worn and a bit broken when we bought the house over 12 years ago and it has been way down our list of priorities but niggling away as a job undone for a very long time now. With wear and tear from the kids over the years it is now really quite broken in places and it looks rubbish and feels a little unsafe..particularly if you are barefoot.

It can no longer stay way down the list.

I am rather liking the dalepave quarrystone below as an option for our patio from easypave I think the lighter colour will look a lot brighter than the grey (which often looks dull and gloomy) and apparently it is really easy to install.

dalepave quarrystone

For the lawn I am considering artificial grass which has lots of benefits ( I wrote about this last year here.  But I still cannot quite convince my other half.

Oh I have many plans but I think that first clearing away the rubbish has to happen and restoring the shed. The  patio will be tackled next and then the rest will be done over the Spring Summer. It will look lovely again. I promise to pop back and show you – watch this space!

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