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Planning the Perfect Family-Friendly Tour of France


Whether you’re planning to go on a family vacation this December or planning ahead for your first vacation in 2023, it’s never too early to make a fool-proof agenda of everything you need to get done to have the perfect family-friendly tour of France. 

One of the things to keep in mind is that France is a vast country with many different things tourists can visit and do, so you’re going to have to plan your trip perfectly to make sure you don’t end up missing any of the best parts of France. Now without further ado, let’s quickly jump into how you can get started on planning the perfect tour of France with your family. Happy holiday!


1. Create a list of the places you need to visit

To start with, make a list of all the places you absolutely need to visit, and then add on more places in the surrounding areas which you’d like to visit if you had a chance. This way, you’ll be able to plan the length of your trip, along with the hotels or rentals you’ll be staying at accordingly. 

It’s also a good idea to not always stick to visiting the most popular places that turn up in your Google suggestions, since these suggestions are likely going to be turning up in everyone else’s search results too. You may end up in an extremely crowded location where you aren’t able to truly experience the beauty of your surroundings. 

Instead, look for lesser known places which are not only beautiful but also not as commercialized as the other places, so you’ll get to spend more quality time there with your family. 


2. Learn the local language

No matter where you’re traveling for a vacation, the best thing to do is to learn as much as you can of the local language. Not only will you be able to easily communicate and get around the country, but you’ll also be able to befriend others and create better memories and experiences. 

But there’s no need to panic, you don’t need to get a degree in French before your trip, all you need to do is enroll in an online French course which will cover all the basics of the language – so even if you can’t speak, you’ll at least be able to read sign boards and get around the country with more ease and confidence. 

The best part is that most online courses have different courses for different needs, so you can customize your lesson plan to suit your current need. 


3. Find a guide if necessary

If you prefer having someone local who can guide you instead of figuring things out for yourself, then you can always hire a professional guide who will help you plan your itinerary and also help you find cheaper options through travel packages (if you’re interested). This way, you won’t have to stress too much about the trip but can rely on the guide to plan the trip accordingly. 


4. Make a detailed itinerary as you near the trip

Once you’ve got the rough skeleton etched out, you can start going into the nitty gritties as you near your trip date. It’s best to map out everything you’re going to be doing on every single day, right from getting a taxi from the airport to the hotel to leaving for breakfast.

You can also create an online itinerary of the schedule and share it with your family – this way, everyone can plan responsibly and there isn’t any confusion in the agenda, leaving little to no room for mistakes due to oversight.


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