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Plant Based Snacks – Best Quick & Simple Recipes & Ideas

Plant Based Snacks you are just going to love

Snacking can be a new vegan’s greatest challenge. Chips and store-bought cookies usually contain milk ingredients, and obviously, beef jerky is out. Even healthier options, like granola bars and vegetables and dip, often include milk and egg products. What’s a vegan to do? Vegan snacks aren’t as difficult to find or prepare as they may seem, though.

Here are some ideas for healthy vegan snacks right from the cupboard and easy plant based snack recipes that can be prepared quickly.


Plant Based Snacks

Plant Based Snacks

Easy Plant Based Snacks from the Pantry

There are lots of items that can be stored in kitchen cupboards for on-the-go snacks. Here are some ideas.

Dried fruit
Nuts and trail mixes
Fruit leathers
Dairy-free granola bars
Tortilla chips and salsa

Try out varieties and flavors that you might have skipped before. Rather than just dried apricots or bananas, try mango or ginger. Tamari almonds are a favorite vegan snack nut, plus they’re high in protein and calcium! Look for locally-made fruit leathers, especially during the summer and fall. Make sure to read the ingredients when searching through granola bars: many mainstream brands include milk and/or eggs.

Check out the vegan society if you want to learn more about being vegan

Plant Based Snacks

Plant Based Snacks


Healthy Plant Based Snacks: Fruit and Vegetable

Unlike the last suggestions, some of these require a bowl or a few minutes of preparation. All of these can be ready to eat in under two minutes, though!

Slice an apple and sprinkle with cinnamon. (Tip: Try warming this up in the microwave!)
Spread peanut or almond butter on slices of apple, banana, or even celery.
Make a quick fruit salad from sliced banana, blueberries, and shredded coconut.

Make sure to use all-natural peanut butter! Don’t be afraid to try out other nut butter and fruits from the exotic section of the produce aisle, too. Frozen fruit can make fruit salads quick to prepare, too; just fill a glass with the amount of fruit you want to use, and then fill the glass with hot water. Drain the water, then repeat a few times. Your frozen fruit is now ready to eat!


Plant Based Snacks

Plant Based Snacks


Vegan Smoothies are the BEST Plant Based Snacks

Smoothies are a quick, easy, and healthy way to fill an empty stomach and gain lots of vitamins and minerals. Here are some ideas.

Frozen fruit (your choice!), banana, soy milk, and flaxseed.
Frozen fruit, orange juice, and spinach.
Blended cashews, bananas, cocoa powder, and soy milk.

Note that smoothies are a great way to get any vitamins or minerals that can be difficult to get with a vegan diet. Low on iron? Blend in some spinach or kale with yummy fruits that will conceal the taste, but not the nutrition. Worried about protein? Blend some nuts or even peanut butter into a smoothie for a taste experience reminiscent of a milkshake.


Quick Vegan Snack Recipes

Plant based snacks really can be the best 

These vegan recipes can all be prepared in less than 15 minutes, plus they’ll make enough servings to feed a small group or a single snacker over the course of a few days.


Plant based snacks  – Dips and crudities

Hummus served with sliced vegetables or vegan crackers.


Plant Based Snacks – Date bars

Fruit and nut bars. Just combine 1 c. dates, 1/3 c. nuts, and cinnamon in a food processor. Press into bar or ball shapes.


Vegan popcorn – the best of the plant based snacks

Air-popped popcorn with vegan margarine, a sprinkle of salt, and lots of nutritional yeast.


Vegan popcorn


Snacking, as a vegan, doesn’t have to be difficult! These ideas are full of flavor, nutrition, and time-saving technique.

Do you have any Plant Based Snacks to share with me?

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