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Plumbing Help by Video Call

Have you ever wished for plumbing help by video call?

Someone to talk you through the problem, diagnose it, guide and advise you.

A plumber ready to help you just a video call away.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous?


There have been a fair few occasions where that would have absolutely made my day.

If you feel just the same then look no further.



I have the most brilliant new concept to share with you today … Plumb Doctor Live.


Plumbing Help by Video Call

Plumb Doctor Live – Plumbing Help by Video Call

Plumb Doctor Live is a new company that wants to empower its customer to, where possible, fix their plumbing themselves. It offers you the opportunity to avoid a call out charge and try and fix your plumbing problem yourself with guidance from with plumbing help via an expert on a video call.

I strongly believe that we should know how to do basic fixes in our home as a way to save money so this is a brilliant portal for anyone who wants to learn or wants to save!



The cost-saving you can make with plumbing help by video call

Call out fees for plumbers and plumber time and work can be hugely expensive and sometimes the problems are quite simple.

With a video call to a plumber via Plumb Doctor Live you can avoid call out fees. And if they can talk you through fixing it possibly labour and new parts cost too.

Often with just a bit of guidance from an expert, your plumbing problem can be solved with an easy fix you can complete yourself.


Think about how that would feel!

Think about how proud you would feel (and how much richer!)


Dr Plumb Live costs just one flat fee – so you know exactly how much you are spending. And unbelievably it is just £15! Isn’t that incredible? I love there are no hidden costs.


Plumbing Help by Video Call


How plumbing help by video call works

This really could not be simpler


1. You just book a time slot for your video call and pay your £15

2. You have a live video call with an experienced plumber

plumbing help


3. After your video call, you’ll receive a simple plumbing report in your inbox outlining how to DIY your plumbing issue and any spare parts required, or an impartial cost estimate for any further work required.

And that is it.

It could not be any easier, could it?


What to do next time you need plumbing help

So NEXT time you have a plumbing issue,  rather than immediately call out a plumber why not take a different path and give Doctor Plumb Live a try and see if with a bit of help you could video call a plumber and have a go at some plumbing DIY?
plumbing help by video call is a feature post


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