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Power Equipment To Make Gardening Easier 

Dozens of pieces of power equipment can drastically transform your garden and make it easier for you to garden regularly. Here are a few of the best power tools and equipment that should be in your shed. 


Power Equipment To Make Gardening Easier



Unless you have a garden that is only a few feet wide, you need a lawnmower. Cutting grass by hand or with anything else can be time-consuming and tedious, and a lawnmower makes the task a hundred times easier. 

In the world of outdoor power equipment, the lawnmower is a must-have. And considering that they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, you can manage any small or large garden. 


Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimming can take a very long time, especially if they make up a large portion of your garden. Doing it by hand may allow you to make a few designs and shape your hedges with a bit more precision, but if you looking for speed and efficiency, you need electric hedge trimmers. 

Electric hedge trimmers can cut their way through most branches and bushes, and you can quickly and easily finish most jobs within a matter of minutes, while cutting multiple hedges goes from a job that takes a few hours to one you can get done in less than one hour. 


Pressure Washer

While a pressure washer may not be a tool for gardening, it is one you will find yourself using a lot in your garden. If you have a path, a paved area, water fountains, benches, etc., they will start to get dirty and discolor very quickly. 

A power washer can have them all looking near to brand new in a matter of minutes, blasting away all the dirt and grime that builds up on them. Plus, you can use it to clean your car, roof, driveway, a multitude of other things. 


Leaf Blower/Garden Vacuum

Depending on the size of your garden and the amount of plants and trees you have, leaves can become a very annoying problem once they start to fall. Instead of doing the backbreaking work of raking and picking them up by hand, invest in a tool that does it for you. 

A leaf blower will simply blow the leaves away and make it easier to form one pile that you can pick up and get rid of. On the other hand, a garden vacuum does what it says on the can; it sucks up all the debris into a bag that makes disposal simple and quick. 



A chainsaw is useful in its simplicity. Chopping or cutting wood with a saw can get incredibly tiring and time-consuming after a while, but a chainsaw does the same job in seconds. Use it to make firewood, chop down trees, cut fence pieces, or for almost any other cutting job. 




Garden Shedder

If you don’t have access to a gardening dump or you want to make your own compost, then you need a garden shredder. This powerful piece of equipment can take leaves, twigs, branches and chop and compact it all into a material that you can put back into your garden, saving you a trip to a dum altogether.  


Weed Whacker

While a lawnmower can do a ton of cutting in your garden, it isn’t that delicate or precise. If you want a bit more control or want to cut weeds or grass in tighter spots, you need to own a weed whacker. 

They can easily be used as a precision tool, helping you to cut grass, weeds, or offshoots in your flower or vegetable beds without damaging the plants around them. 


Choosing the Right Tools

When selecting power equipment, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind to ensure you are getting the right tool and not wasting your money. 


Garden Needs

Firstly, think about what your garden needs and how you can handle those needs. Do you have a lot of grass? Then you need a lawnmower, or do you need to do a lot of chopping? Then you need a chainsaw. 



Look at the Features

Always check at the features of the piece of equipment or tool you are wanting buy. More often than not, you will find a piece of equipment that does the job of multiple tools, and knowing this will help you save money as you won’t have to buy anything else. 


Maintenance & Service Needs

Always ensure you know what goes into maintaining or servicing each piece of equipment you have. You need to know how often and how to clean it, what parts need replacing over time, do you need oil or a lubricant, and where you can take it to be fixed. 


Weight & Ergonomics

Finally, find equipment that is the easiest for you to use. Considering you will be handling this equipment for extended periods, make sure it is lightweight, easy to hold, move, or carry, and doesn’t require something or somebody else to help you get it around the garden.

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