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Are you you prepared for the future?

Are you prepared for the future ?

Do you think about the future much. I am more likely to think about the past and get lost in happy memories of times gone by,  I also get so caught up in the present sometimes I don’t even know what is happening tomorrow.

As I have got older however I am aware of time passing quickly and before I know it I will have kids who are adults and my retirement will be upon me. I can hardly believe it  but time whizzes by.  My oldest baby is nearly 10 and I just don’t know how that happened.

Before I had children I had a  regular job  as a trainer for social care workers and I earned a good wage which was paid to me regularly each month. Before I received my pay check  tax, union, NI and superannuation would all have been taken out. I felt very secure knowing my taxes were taken care of  and my pension pot was growing. money jar red, prepared for the future

Are you you prepared for the future?

I t has been 10 years now since I left that job and the other day I was thinking about retiring ( I was worn out – self employment takes its toll sometimes!) and I wondered about this pension pot. I have a few questions about it like where it is now, and how do I track it down.

I feel a bit stupid not knowing where it is or how to track it…I paid a lot into it! Apparently half of all Australians lose their superannuation though (that does make me feel a bit better!)

Do you know there are actually companies that can track this down for you https://www.suncorp.com.au/super/grow-your-super/lost-super

Retirement is a distant land at the moment but I want to to be a memory making time filled with comfort and happy experiences so I do need to sort my finances out. Knowing where my money is now is an important part of ensuring that happens. I need to start looking forwards and get organised!



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