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Preparing for the wedding — what you should pay attention to

After the proposal is accepted, an engaged couple should be ready to arrange an upcoming event and start preparing for the wedding. It’s necessary to find a wedding photographer in Birmingham or in another city, buy a wedding suit and a dress, choose a host, come up with a fun wedding hashtag and lots of other things.

In this article, we are going to consider moments you shouldn’t leave out of account. Follow these steps to make your ceremony flawless.


Decide on the venue

Preparing for the wedding

Would you like to celebrate in a spacious hall or in a green garden? You should define those things that are important to you. Specify:

  • What seat capacity is required?
  • Would you like to order additional services, such as catering, DJ?
  • What maximal rental price is acceptable?
  • Would you like to celebrate indoors or outdoors?

Never forget about the presence of special facilities. If you’re going to celebrate in a hot period, take care of renting a hall with an air-conditioner. Otherwise, the celebration may be spoilt by stuffiness.


Buy a wedding suit and a dress

Preparing for the wedding


A bride and a groom should complement one another. That’s why it’s necessary to pay lots of attention to wedding clothes. There are several important aspects when you choose either a dress or a suit. They are:

  • Clothes should be comfortable;
  • It has to fit the theme of the wedding;
  • Choose comfortable shoes because you’ll have to move a lot;
  • Never forget about the accessories.

If you choose the right clothes for the wedding, you’ll be able to feel comfortable for a long time.


Choose a wedding photographer

Preparing for the wedding


Finding a specialist who can capture one of the most important events in your life is a very significant moment. Admit that you arrange your wedding not only for having a good time for 1-2 days, but also to have great memories about the celebration. So, the success of the ceremony depends a lot on the skills of the professional.

Looking for one of the best wedding photographers, you should focus on several factors.



First of all, have a look at the works of various professionals. Decide what of them you like, and what – not at all. All of the photographers catch various moments. Some of them pay much attention to the feelings between the newly-weds, others try to show the atmosphere of the wedding. You should understand what format is most suitable for you.


Preparing for the wedding


Personal characteristics

You don’t have to make friends with a professional. Anyway, he or she shouldn’t annoy you or your guests. Read reviews of other people, but keep in mind that every opinion is too subjective. Try to make an appointment with a wedding photographer to see his or her behavior. If it’s impossible, get in touch with the specialist over the video call. Chatting only in messengers, you won’t be able to see the real character of the person.


Additional services

Ask what additional services the photographer provides, and whether they require an extra-charge. If you’d like to order some of them, warn the professional well in advance. He or she may have to bring some additional photo equipment.


Price policy

Services of the photographers cost differently. Even if you’re limited in budget, you’ll be able to find a professional that can make perfect photos of your ceremony. Of course, you may refuse some additional services. Pay attention that many photographers have a minimal time frame that they are ready to work in: from 1 to 12 hours.



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