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Present Ideas for Men

Are you short on ideas of what to buy the men in your life for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help you find the perfect present!



How to choose a gift for a man?

Men are far from being the same regarding taste and preferences. Even though most men are givers and love to give presents, most love to receive gifts too, especially if there has been thought put into that present and it has a sentimental value.

The most important thing when choosing a man’s gift is to consider his tastes and interests. If you find it very difficult, you can always ask a mutual acquaintance or friend for some tips. Someone will know what he loves to do!


Personalised Snoods

Is your man a football, rugby, or golf fan? Then you can surprise him with a present from his favourite team. There are so many options, t-shirts, scarfs, mugs, tickets to a game, sports sets – the list goes on and on – but why not surprise him with something a little more interesting?

We have a very original idea for you. Why don’t you go for something different and buy him a personalised snood with his favourite team?

Snoods are great, as they can be used for cycling, worn as a scarf or a wind protector in the winter, and even as a face mask – get him something that’s just as functional as stylish.


Cigar or e-cigarette

The cigar gift is always a good idea because it can be kept as a souvenir or used on special occasions. Cigars are a classy way to say ‘happy birthday!’ or have been traditionally used for guys to celebrate the birth of babies, business successes and weddings.

The e-cigarette is a great gift for those who smoke but are trying to cut down – it helps them to cut down on tobacco and shows you care with a stylish package.



For people who love adrenalin…

One of the best gifts is to give an experience. If you bet on that, in our opinion, you can’t go wrong! All you have to consider is what type of experience the person you want to make happy will like.

Gifting an experience is like giving an emotion, and it’s something they won’t forget any time soon. Giving an emotion is original, different from everyday material things, and something that can be both individual and done together. It brings you even closer and will be remembered forever.

Want to take him sky-high? A gliding experience can be an unforgettable way to celebrate a big day:

  • Paragliding – Paragliding is not as scary as it sounds – but the person you give this type of present must not be afraid of heights! The flight is done with a qualified instructor, but the conditions must allow it. There should be no strong wind, and it is best to fly in the morning. Most agencies also offer HD video capture to preserve memory. You’ll never forget the feeling of flying and enjoying the above view.

The paragliding flight is also suitable for older people (as long as they do not have health problems).


  • Hang glider flight: A hang glider flight differs from a paraglider flight in that it moves faster and flies higher. It raises more adrenaline than a paraglider and is suitable for flying longer distances. Ideal for a dare-devil!



Men generally wear far fewer accessories than women, so you must be careful when buying this type of gift and keep in mind the person’s personal style and what he likes. Here are some go-to accessories for most men:

A Watch – The watch is an accessory usually liked by men who don’t like wearing accessories. It’s a functional gift that can also be a collector’s item. Some men don’t even wear their watches; they just collect them!

 It is difficult for a man not to like a stylish watch, so we would say this is a present on the safer side because it will probably be received well and enjoyed.

Army-style dog tags – Military-style dog tags are an interesting gift and keep in mind that the message makes the gift, so choose it well. It can be a favourite phrase, a nice quote, his name, and if you are a couple, it can be something romantic such as the geographical coordinates of the place you met for the first time, or even an inside joke.


If the man has a house or a villa with a garden and doesn’t have a barbecue…what are you waiting for? A barbecue can make a great gift because food brings people together and creates warm memories. It’s the ideal gift for a spring or summer birthday.

A Star

Gifting a star is a thoughtful way to show you care. Every time he looks at the sky, he’ll think of you! When you give someone a star in their name, they’ll get a certificate and map so they can identify it. What could be a cooler present than a slice of the sky itself!


To summarise

Giving a present should be treated as more than just buying something

We often feel stuck when the time comes to buy presents, and we go for the typical boring ones such as socks, a piece of generic clothing or something we have found in sales and decide would make a good present but would never buy for ourselves.

We hope we have given you some ideas to help you choose a gift to impress the men in your life. Make it thoughtful, and you can’t go wrong!


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