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Private caravans for hire: a novel way to go on holiday

Today – a novel way to go on holiday

Hiring caravans to go on a holiday is not a new phenomenon. For over decades this has been a popular way of travelling, especially in Europe and North-America. This gave rise to a whole new business landscape with dozens of businesses focusing on the rent of the caravans. Whilst the market flourished, there was still a large portion of the market that was buying a caravan themselves.


a novel way to go on holiday


A novel way to go on holiday

Indeed it is!

How a new caravan market was created

People that owned a caravan usually would store it somewhere when it was not being utilised for own use. This meant that the caravan was stored in a garage or at a nearby farmer that owns a large shed. The result? A lot of economic potential lost! What if these caravans could be used by others, making it a more effective object? This is how the private caravans for hire market was established. More and more caravan owners device to put their private caravan for hire. Especially during the summer holidays, it proved to be a lucrative business for caravan owners.


How do you get private caravans for hire?

This not only proved useful for the owners, but also for the people who hire the caravans. Prices are relatively low compared to hiring a caravan from a business. However, it also meant that more insurance and additional agreements needed to be made. This have rise to a new business: becoming an intermediary between the owner and the person who rents it. Often, this is a platform similar like Airbnb for housing. Besides creating the connect, the platforms also offer insurance and ensure a trustful exchange. With this in mind, you can get private caravans for hire in a safe way.

What are the conditions when having a private caravan for hire?

Depending on the caravan and platform you use, you can make arrangements with the owner. Often this is simply a fixed price per week or day. Others also decide to charge for the distance the caravan needs to travel due to maintenance of the chassis and the wheels. When doing research in the market you can easily find the method that is most suited to your personal needs.

What about the cleaning of the caravan?

After you have rented a caravan it can be brought back to the owner. Of course, the owner would like to have it returned like its original state. Cleaning companies can help with this. They offer their services for an attractive fare allowing owners to effectively rent out their caravan with limited impact on their side.


Private caravans for hire


Experience a relaxed caravan holiday

Similar to Airbnb and car sharing platforms like Uber, private caravan sharing makes your holiday more pleasant. Caravans can be put to more effective use and renters can reap the benefits from using it during their holiday. Prices are significantly lower than hotels and you do not have the burden of ownership such as maintenance.




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