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Proper Italian Coffee from Caffe Cagliari

Oh wow Caffe Cagliari

I love good coffee. Give me a cappuccino maker and I am a happy woman.

 Do you need some tips for choosing your coffee?

Coffee to wake me up to make me zing and to fill my taste buds with gorgeous sensations.


Caffe Cagliari

Caffe Cagliari

Caffe Cagliari are a 100 year old Italian family company who now make coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. They sent me a selection to review.



Gorgeous taste, rich, velvety and classic too.

Lovely coffee indeed. You are so worth it and oh it works out the fraction of a coast of a coffee ata cafe so why not treat yourself


Caffe Cagliari

One I didn’t have to make myself!

Caffe Cagliari value

At £2.99 for 10 capsules this is really good value coffee (think what you pay in a cafe! ) There are 5 varieties of coffee capsules in their online shop and I like the Ristretto best, but would drink them all.

It’s so authentically Italian I can almost believe I’m there (If I close my eyes to the kitchen clutter and rainclouds through the window) I can feel the sunshine, smell the hint of pizza, here the little rev of vespas and the scent of beautiful gardinia and here the passionate itallan chartter. oh whisk me away right now !

If you would like to try Caffe Cagliari for yourself head on over to http://www.caffecagliari.co.uk/


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