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The psychology of colour guide

I am so excited to share with you this psychology of colour guide from Thomas Sanderson.

Do you have much colour in your home?

I have a lot of white in mine with occasional bright splashes of colour. In my bedroom I have a grey blue colour which I find deeply calming.


Colour influences everything we do, including the way we act and how we feel so it’s actually a hugely important consideration as we design our homes. We need to get the look right but also the feelings right too

Here is an example …did you know that using shades of purple in the living room helps you to feel 0relaxed and comfortable, Or that featuring red in the kitchen scientifically makes us feel hungrier? My kitchen clock is read and I work in the kitchen. This could explain an awful lot about my waistline!

Thomas Sanderson ‘s Psychology of Colour guide featuring colour choices for each room in the home, shade suggestions and handy tips to finish the look:


The psychology of colour guide

psychology of colour guide


OOh I don’t think I would ever have black in a bathroom would you? But I do think it looks so smart

I do adore a bright yellow! It definitely cheers me up.

What is your favourite colour in your home?



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