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What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?

What are the qualities of a good parent? – all you need to know


qualities of a good parent


What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?

One of the hardest jobs on the planet is to be a parent as this is a 24/7 and 365 days a year job at least till the kids grow up and become adults. Parenting is very difficult yet extremely rewarding as having children is one of the greatest joys in most people’s lives. People want to be good parents and want their children to grow up and become happy, moral, and responsible citizens of the world.

There are various steps to effective parenting which should be known to parents as it can be incredibly easy to occasionally take wrong parenting decisions in life. The following are some of the basic steps to effective parenting and exemplify the qualities of a good parent:


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What do YOU think are the qualities of a good parent?

So what does a good parent look like, what do they provide and what are qualities of a good parent?


1.Loving Environment 

Undoubtedly the main query when pondering the question of what are qualities of a good parent lie in creating a loving environment

Children look to their parents for stability, comfort, and most importantly it is important to love and show love to your child. A loving environment where children can be happy and where their mental health is not compromised is important for them to grow stably and properly. A loving environment should be a priority and parents should be able to create an atmosphere where children feel happy while growing up. A loving environment is also an environment where children get good food, proper meals, are well taken care of, and have the basic facilities needed for growing comfortably.


2.A Safe Place to Live and Play – and the Qualities of a Good Parent

Broadly speaking young children find it difficult to understand the concept of safety and fear, so it is the responsibility of effective parenting to keep them safe. Safe place to live is a basic responsibility for parents and it is important that children must have a safe home to go and basic economic security while growing up. Qualities of a good parent have to include safety awareness


Qualities of a Good Parent

What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?


Children need to play outside at parks in backyards. The neighborhood should be safe and parents should go find safe places for their children to experience the fun of childhood in a proper way. They should learn how to play with their friends at parks, learn to be careful while playing, and also know the dangers and safety rules to play but also be safe.


3. So, what ARE the Qualities of a Good Parent? – Knowing When to Be Strict

Loving parents also need to be strict parents when necessary. Proper rules around the household are necessary and the children should have a healthy amount of fear or consequences for breaking the rules of the household. Children have to be taught discipline while growing up by their parents. They should not grow up as entitled, spoilt, lazy, and arrogant adults. Being strict is an important aspect of being effective parents and it is a part of being a loving parent.


4.Qualities of a Good Parent & Decisions about Schooling

Being an effective parent is also about making the right decisions on behalf of the children and that includes the decision about their schooling. Schools today can be expensive, lack quality education, are crowded, are smaller in space than they used to be and are extremely difficult to get admitted to because of the high demand.


happy book

What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?


It is the responsibility of parents to do their best research, to find the best schools in the area, and to choose the right schools for the children. Playschool, primary school, high school, and college are all building blocks of life and it is essential to be in a good school and one that is filled with happiness for children to learn well and have a decent education.


5. What are the Qualities of a Good Parent? – Knowing How to Keep Children Occupied

Children are the responsibility of parents all day every day and children tend to get bored very easily. They need human interaction, hobbies, and a full calendar of activities to help them learn new things, have fun and also stay occupied. Simply making the kid sit in front of the television is not effective parenting and parents have to get the children interested in different talents, sports, and activities. Children have to get hobbies and fill their day with fun activities, studies, school, and also playtime with their friends to become tired and get a full night’s sleep at night.

But they do also need to be bored sometimes and to turn to their imagination and creativity. Sometimes they also need quiet time to reflect and dream. They need alone time to become independent too. It is all about balance when you are considering the qualities of a good parent – it’s neither all or nothing


6.Spend Time Every Day with Children

In the fast-paced life, many households today are single-parent households or households where both parents hold stressful jobs that keep them away from their children for long hours. Children are often neglected in such environments without even knowing it and for effective parenting, it is important for parents to spend time with their children every day. Every day there has to be at least some time parents need to spend with their children and talk to them about the happenings in their daily life.

Children need to be able to tell their parents, even the small details about what happened in their lives that day for them to feel the support for their parents.

Regular giving of time are essential qualities of a good parent


7.Giving Respect and Boosting Self Esteem are when answering the question of what are the qualities of a good parent

The relationship between children and parents can be a tricky one and it is important as an effective parenting step to give respect to children and hear them out as separate individuals who have a mind of their own and can think about their lives. Self-esteem is an issue that many children face and it is important to be able to applaud the achievements of children and give them the confidence and ability to achieve success in their lives even as kids.

We want to raise independent kids who believe in their abilities


8. What are the qualities of a good parent? Being a Good Role Model

Children need role models and as a step of parenting, parents have to be strong role models for their children. This means that they need to be able to set a positive example for their children and be able to teach children life lessons through their personal character. Children are incredibly observant and parents showcasing good behavior, a strong work ethic, morality, confidence, and an ability to handle situations will always have a positive impact on children.

qualities of a good parent

What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?


9.Teach Them about Life, Morality and Educate Them

Children in most schools learn the basic values of life like morality, perseverance, hard work, and ethics. They, however, need to be taught principles, values, and also the way of life in the 21st century by their parents at home. Well educated children are ones which are not just educated in a good school but are also taught about life by their parents at home in an effective way. Children learn from everything that they see around them and getting them interested in sports, arts, music and other activities is an important step of effective parenting. Teaching these values matters. What are the qualities of a good parent? These are


10.Qualities of a Good Parent Include Building a Relationship

Parenting is a decade’s long relationship between the parents and children and parents still look out for their children even when the children become adults and start their own families. One of the critical steps in parenting is to build a happy and positive relationship with the children as it can be one of the longest relationships in life.

The qualities of a good parent being put into action make this longevity a reality.

This relationship can give joy to the parents and to the children and also if not handled in the right way can cause anger and resentment that lasts for a long time. Building trust and a happy relationship with children as they grow is important for a good life for both parents and children.


child in forest

What are the Qualities of a Good Parent?


The above mentioned 10 steps are the fundamental basics of parenting and it is important to know these steps while handling the challenge of parenthood. These are the qualities of a good parent but so are your unique traits and the individuality you bring to this important role

Parenting can be a joyous time in most people’s lives but parenting in a positive way and embodying the qualities of a good parent is important for a happy childhood for children.

So what at are the qualities of a good parent  according to you, what would you add to this list?  You might also like this post on how to be a good parent that I just finished reading


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