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Rave Coffee Review

A rave coffee review I think you will love


Rave Coffee Review


A Rave Coffee review

So excited to bring you this Rave coffee review. I have to tell you I never ever say no to reviewing coffee. I absolutely love coffee. I drink it black and strong and caffeinated and it is probably my most favourite drink of all.

Rave Coffee was new to me. I am pretty loyal to 2 leading brands so I was interested to see what I would make of Rave.

Rave Coffee, a UK leading coffee supplier of all that is premium coffee blends at very competitive prices.

Eco-credentials of Rave Coffee

The big pull of me with Rave coffee was not just the good price ( and the price is good) but it was that they are extremely passionate about distributing eco-friendly products. But don’t just take our word for it, please, by all means, take a look around our site and get a feel for what Rave Coffee has to offer, we hope you enjoy! 

I tried out their Nespresso compatible pods, specifically. Their eco-credentials are great. The pods, lids and packaging are made from 100% compostable materials, they are biodegradable and easier to recycle than conventional Nespresso capsules. Pretty cool!

I don’t know if you know this (I certainly didn’t) but single-use coffee capsules have been notoriously difficult to recycle due to the mix of materials and spent coffee ground. The 100% compostable coffee capsules will be broken down in approximately 90 days through the use of natural heat to turn the Nespresso compatible coffee pod into compost. You simply place them in your local authority food waste collection bin.





I tried the RAVE Italian Blend which is rich and full bodied with an intensity rating of 4. I thought it was really good coffee strong and tasteful and a real pleasure to drink/

Intensity: 4

I would most definitely buy these again.  £33.30 for 100 pods is excellent value too.


Rave Coffee Review


Coffee Perks!

At the moment you also get…

15% off your first order
Free delivery over £25


So overall yes, completely delighted with my Rave coffee review – you might also like my post on the journey of a coffee bean

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