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5 reasons to get outside

Today – reasons to get outside

5 reasons to get outsideAll the gorgeous outdoor clothes feature in this post are from Orvis


There are so many good reasons to get outside

How often do you get out and about? I have been quite remiss on this front recently and feeling a little dull and lacklustre as a result.

I sometimes spend entire days cooped up inside next to my computer trying to write the best-selling novel the world has ever witnessed – or blogging, blogging about interiors, travel art, food and budgeting. Somedays apart from taking and picking up my kids I don’t get outside at all and I know this is a problem. I know I need to make some changes and reawaken my love affair with the great outdoors.

I have been thinking about what it is about the great outdoors that makes us feel SOOOOO good and these are my conclusions.



Five fabulous reasons to get outside more.

1) The natural world is hugely restful, nature is beautiful and inspiring and interesting and calming and it makes us feel better just by being in it. A wander by my local canal reset s my buzzing mind and helps me chill like nothing else.

2) The fresh air feels good. It fills our lungs, blows on our face and it makes us feel clean and fresh. Nothing feels quite like the sun beating down on our face or the rain very gently falling on our head.

3) The scents of the great outdoors are the best, the smell of freshly cut grass, sweetpeas, a crips fresh morning, apples in the trees and oh blossom, sweet blossom.

4) And then there is the feel of the outdoors, soft wet grass under our feet is just a delight and helps you feel really grounded and connected to nature. It is called Earthing when you walk in bare feet – the Earthing movement believes that when we have direct contact with the surface of the Earth our bodies receive a charge of energy that is good for our health. I don’t know about that but I do know it feels so good. I love to walk on the sand too or in the water.

5) So we have covered all the senses but there is one left – sound. The sounds of the outdoors are an utter delight birdsong, rustling leaves, gentle breezes, a cat miaowing, the steady tread of your footsteps.



There really is so much to love about the great outdoors, it absolutely stimulates all of your senses and helps you feel alive and refreshed. Even if it is just 10 minutes I am determined to get out there each and every single day!


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