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5 good reasons to love wooden floors

I cannot remember a time when wooden floors were not considered cool , so many reasons to love wooden floors

I do recall my parents having an absolutely hideous purple swirl carpets in the 1970’s and thinking they were the height of cool, but I would really prefer not to go there in my mind. Ick.

I do love to see solid hardwood flooring I just think it looks really beautiful

How they look isn’t the only bonus there are a wealth of reasons why wooden floors are so beneficial.


Here are my top 5 good reasons to love wooden floors


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Timeless appeal

Wooden Flooring has a timeless appeal because of it’s wonderfully natural texture, it gives a lovely simple look to flooring that never looks contrived and always looks wonderfully authentic. This is also true of engineered oak flooring . It does not date in the way carpets do and no matter what you do the rest of your interiors your flooring will still look current and will coordinate. From modern contemporary designs to rustic themes wooden flooring matches any and every scheme.

No wonder it is so popular.



You just have to sweep or vacuum then mop.

Yes, super simple really. Hardwood floors are generally easy to keep clean, as there is nothing to trap dirt or dust. For pet owners too this is a huge bonus as pet hairs and carpets can cause huge problems. Stains are also few and far between on wooden floors yet carpets can be ruined in an instant.



Wooden floors are also healthier because they are easier to clean and don’t trap dust or fleas in the way that carpets do.  It made me shudder just to write that! Because of this, wooden floors are so much better for those who struggle with allergies and in fact for all of us as they are far more hygienic!


Long lasting

Wooden flooring is tough and unlike carpets they don’t experience fraying or that worn in, matted look. In fact the more they age the better some wooden floors look. We have had wooden flooring in our hallway for nearly 20 years and it still looks great and yet we have had to change our carpets much more regularly.



Muddy kids and bikes being wheeled through the house, football boots not taken off and juice spills are absolute hazards to carpets but just a simple wipe up job on hardwood floors. They are most certainly well suited to family life!



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