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9 Great Reasons to Visit Innsbruck 

Let’s take a look today at reasons to visit Innsbruck?

I have always wanted to go to Austria. My dad did his national Service there in the 1940’s and talked to us endlessly about how very beautiful it was. friends who have holidayed there have said the same and almost all have returned for further vacations. I want to go myself and see what all the fuss is about. 


Reasons to Visit Innsbruck 


Vacation  blues

You may feel you haven’ t been on vacation in forever and that you are a bit fed up  stuck in one location. It really has been quite a year hasn’t it. travel companies have been strugglingt oo understandably and as a result there are some amazing offers on flights and accommodation this year. 

Rather than get downhearted now really is the time to do some planning and make sure that your next holiday is absolutely amazing.

Have you ever been to Innsbruck? Nope, me neither  but I have heard so many brilliant things about it – it is definitely on my bucket list. Shall I telll you what it is about Innsbruck that I find so very appealing as a holiday destination as well as a little bit more about it.

Where is Innsbruck?

Innsbruck is famous for its awesome ski resorts and it is tucked away in the alps in Austria.

The Austrian alps are of course world renowned for being spectacularly awesome and great for skiing. But in the summer they have much to offer too ,with lakes to paddle on and hikes around stunning countryside. Innsbruck, as you will see offers, far more than just amazing skiing.  

Things to see and do in Innsbruck

If you want to find out all about the things to see and do in Innsbruck then it is well worth heading over to Innsbruck.info  where you really can find a host of ideas.

Innsbruck is a city that really does have it all. In fact it is far more than a city – the region also boasts over 40 towns and villages. You can choose to stay in the bustling vibrancy of the city, the alpine countryside and in quaint and picturesque visits or you can tour around them all.

There really is something for everyone in Innsbruck. Such a diverse place. I am talking about museums and cafe’s Christmas light festivals, concerts, zoos and music events. It is full of adventure and exciting opportunities you could never be bored in Innsbruck.



THE TOP 9 ATTRACTIONS According to Innsbruck.Info.

  1. The Golden Roof
  2. The Imperial Palace and the Court Church
  3. Top of Innsbruck
  4. The Crystal Worlds
  5. The Alpin Zoo
  6. The City Tower
  7. Bergisel
  8. Ambras Castle
  9. The Triumphal Arch

Love the range  of possibilities for the itinerary but top my list would be the golden roof. The world famous golden roof is a must see. Built by Emperor Maximilian to look over his city it simply glows. You can find it in the historic old town where it has been for over 500 years! Such a photo opportunity and such an unusual sight to see. 


Reasons to Visit Innsbruck 


Sport in Innsbruck 

The glorious countryside surrounding the area makes it  a sports lovers dream. It is absolutely ideal for golf, cycling, walking and cross-country skiing so sports enthusiasts will have an amazing trip with so many options for fun,  You really can enjoy the summer in Innsbruck and its surroundings and oh wouldn’t booking a holiday give you something lovely to look forward too

The Innsbruck card

The Innsbruck card  is a brilliant idea for visitors who get  great discounts and free experiences from having the card. these include free entry to Innsbruck’s museums and one upwards and one downwards journey on the lifts and cable cars in and around Innsbruck. Sounds good hey? The Innsbruck card really will open up the city and give you a great value experiences during your visit. One not to be missed. Everyone likes to make savings don’t they and this will really help.


Reasons to Visit Innsbruck 


Reasons to visit Innsbruck 

Have I convinced you yet that Innsbruck is truly a great place to visit? If I haven’t then this video will …. doesn’t it just look fabulous.



How to see Innsbruck without leaving your sofa

Want to see more of Innsbruck before you go? Check out the webcams in and out of Innsbruck to find out more  and to see the most absolutely stunning live images from a 360-degree panorama which provide real-time views of the city of Innsbruck and the surrounding area. 

 Oh my goodness it looks beautiful and what a unique way of seeing it. There really are so many reasons to visit Innsbruck aren’t there?


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