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Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Kids to Use Social Media Sites

Parenting a teenager is an intricate balance between honoring their growing independence and ensuring their safety. It is natural to desire to guard your child against the myriad of risks they face, especially in an environment as unpredictable as the internet. But giving up everything that can cause danger cannot be an effective strategy in the modern world. Ultimately, the benefits of social media outweigh the potential challenges.


Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Kids to Use Social Media Sites

#1 Feeling Confident

Engaging with social media platforms can bolster the communication skills of younger generations, easing their discomfort in social situations. Each “Like” and comment they leave nurtures their self-assurance and helps overcome their reticence. Insights from a Common Sense Media study revealed that 29% of teenage social media users reported an increase in comfort levels around others, and 20% felt a surge in self-confidence. Social media serves as a stepping stone for children who struggle with in-person interactions, aiding them in gaining the confidence and communication skills necessary to engage more freely.


#2 Recognize Developing Brains

Brain development during adolescence kicks off just prior to the teen years, initiating around the 10-year mark and extending into the early twenties. This critical growth period witnesses significant transformations in brain functionality. Notably, as teenagers, the brain sectors responsible for craving peer acknowledgment tend to heighten in sensitivity—a trait that social networks might leverage. Conversely, the regions governing impulse control reach maturity later on, not until the brink of adulthood. Understanding these distinct susceptibilities during adolescent years can guide families in establishing social media rules. As such, it’s crucial to tailor social media guidelines to adapt to the maturing process of young individuals.

If you recognize that your child is smart enough to interact with social media and is willing to learn, they will have a more balanced adulthood. However, using social media without any control and protection is a dangerous undertaking. There is an option – to use additional tools. Their type and quantity will depend on age and situation. For example, if you frequently get pop ups on Android, you can block them. There are several options on how to stop pop up ads and the most universal of them is to use a VPN. Some VPNs can stop pop ups, but they also protect data and improve anonymity.


#3 Change is Happening

In today’s digital age, many feel trampled by the disregard major industries have shown towards online privacy, particularly as it pertains to the younger generation. The widespread neglect for the creation of kid-friendly products is troubling. However, social platforms like Yoursphere are at the forefront of change, taking deliberate actions to safeguard children’s privacy. Yoursphere ensures that no sensitive personal information is ever solicited; moreover, it guarantees that all user profiles remain private—a setting that is non-negotiable and irreversible.

Simultaneously, there’s a growing recognition among parents about the consequences of permitting their children to falsify their ages in order to access platforms like Facebook. They understand that compromising on such values does not lend itself to teaching integrity and responsibility within the family.


#4 Digital Media Literacy

The landscape of the digital industry often overlooks the importance of online privacy, particularly when it comes to the younger generation. This disregard can leave families concerned about the accessibility of content that should be appropriate for all ages. Platforms like Yoursphere are designed with the safety of kids in mind, ensuring their personal information is kept secure, with profiles inherently private.


#5 Feeling Relaxed

Using social media, kids can effectively alleviate stress by sharing their grievances, frustrations, and worries in a supportive environment. It also expands their circle of social backing from numerous sources. Furthermore, as a diversion, social networking sites offer youngsters a way to distract themselves and recover from stressful situations.


Reasons Why Parents Should Allow Their Kids to Use Social Media Sites


#6 Education

In today’s world, the guardians of young children are becoming increasingly aware of both the immense potential and the challenges presented by social media. Unlike the generation before, where social media surged into our lives without preamble or guidance, new parents are now in a better position to grasp its intricacies and implications.

The reality is that social media was an unexpected wave that most were unprepared for – there was a significant lack of resources to guide and equip parents with the necessary knowledge to help their family enjoy a secure and beneficial experience online. It’s only in recent times that we’ve seen the emergence of dedicated platforms providing crucial insights into Internet use and responsible social media engagement.



Developing healthier relationships between parents and children requires building trust and gaining authority. A ban on the use of social networks is a step in the opposite direction. Better realize the benefits of social media for children’s development and help them shape their personality.

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