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 Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting

 Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting

Opening a door into another world or stepping into the past isn’t just an incredible experience, but it unlocks your child’s imagination. Whether you are on a swashbuckling adventure or trying to pull off a 1920s robbery, there is a lot to get excited about in an Escape Room. 

Take a moment to see the world through your child’s eyes. Can you imagine what it’s like to see a pirate ship for the first time, to throw on a detective hat or solve a seemingly impossible mystery with your family? This suddenly doesn’t look like a typical Saturday! 


Here are 5 reasons why your child will find Escape Rooms exciting.


 Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting


A one of a kind experience

There is nothing ordinary about an Escape Room. Far from it! From the moment you come face to face with the Games Master to the clock beginning to tick, there is nothing quite like it. 

Your child can expect high adrenaline, thought-provoking adventure, all within the sixty-minute time limit. Their problem-solving skills and creativity will be put to the test, with you at their side. Whether your kid is a video game enthusiast, a storyteller or likes puzzles, there is something to suit every individual. 

Whether you unlock the room and solve the case or don’t quite make it, you can guarantee that you will have learned more about each other and discovered new things about yourself within that room. An Escape Room really is a one of a kind experience. It definitely makes a change from your average weekend activity!


A wild ride – Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting

Conan Arthur Doyle is not only the mastermind behind one of the greatest literary detectives of all time, but he turned the mystery genre into a fantastical experience. Escape Rooms are no different. Their stories are full of suspense, matched with touches of real-world realism, all with the ultimate goal: to escape the room. 

Children love a good story. So much so that they become a fundamental part of their learning and development. Stories from your child’s understanding of the world and culture and help them figure out the link between words and their meaning. As they get older, children need to be challenged. 

Enter the Escape Room. 

Bursting with clues straight out of the era the story is based, no stone can be left unturned. Every surface may hold a crucial part of the evidence that will help you solve the case. It may be a series of paintings on the wall, a half typed letter in the typewriter or a hidden key that opens a drawer, door or a secret room. 

If you want to open up new possibilities for your child, then playing an Escape Room will open their eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Plus, it is so much fun!


Discover new skills

One thing’s for sure, you can’t stay silent in an Escape Room. It really is a ‘say what you see’ kind of deal, and children are particularly good at this skill! Throw them into a game with a ticking clock and puzzles to solve, and abilities they never knew they had will come to the surface. 

Communication and logical thinking are the baseline skills required to take on any game. Throw in an active imagination and a keen desire to figure out the mystery, and you’ve just found your child’s next best learning activity. Even if your child struggles to draw the connections together themselves, they will be able to grasp more complex connections in the future with your help. 

If confidence is an issue, playing an Escape Room will bring out the best in most players. It’s worth encouraging your child to articulate the problem so that you can work it out together. That way, they feel supported by you and therefore more confident in their answer. What’s more, it’s ok to get it wrong! Practice makes perfect, after all. 


Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting – A game for all ages

Escape Rooms are designed with you, the player, in mind. The player experience is at the heart of every hidden clue and the room’s accessibility. What’s more, most Escape Rooms are family-friendly and suitable for children over the age of six.

Nothing will jump out at you or surprise you, and no one gets left behind. From the moment you and your child step foot in a game, you are in it together. 

Whether your game involves entering codes or is purely about solving puzzles and games, your child will thrive in an Escape Room with the right support. It’s the sort of experience that encourages imagination and will stir up wonder. Perfect for the growing mind to enjoy!


Quality family time

The world has never felt so small. With all the imposed ‘Stay at Home’ orders and lockdown restrictions, it’s high time the whole family reunited away from the four walls. So, move over XBox and squabbles over the TV remote, and get ready to spend some quality time with the whole family. 

Whether you’re looking for a local Escape Room or want to go further afield, there are plenty of high jinks on offer throughout the UK. From Escape Rooms in Southampton to Hull, there’s something for everyone. 

Escape Rooms are an interactive, engaging experience where the best teams are the ones that help each other out. You have to bounce ideas off of one another and work together to beat the clock and solve the mystery. With your adrenaline pumping and your eyes on the prize, there really is no other bonding moment like it! 

As an added bonus, your Games Master will take a photo keepsake when you leave the room. Some will encourage you to hold up props or get into costume, or simply stand together with your team. What better way to remember your special time together!


Final Reasons Why Your Child Will Find Escape Rooms Exciting

Escape Rooms truly are an experience like no other. Not only will they challenge your child and encourage them to use their imagination, but it will be an action-packed Saturday that they won’t forget!


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